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Dhaam Dhoom – An average film

September 4, 2008

          What must turned out to be a engaging thriller with romance runs out of steam in the second half, which makes us to think if Jeeva was there this maybe a better venture than the one offered now.


       The story goes as Goutam Subramaniam(Ravi) who is supposed to get married with Shenba(Konkana Rawat) in 15 days goes to attend a Seminar hosted by World Doctors’ Federation, mets Ana, a Russian girl there. Ravi takes Ana to his room after a night party where she was drunk and not in her control. On the next day morning she was killed and blood shades were on the dresses of Ravi which makes the Russian police to arrest him and charges him against the killing of Ana. Jayaram, a member of Indian consulate comes to help Ravi. Indian government appoints an Attorney Anjali Chinnappa(Lakshmi Rai) to defend Ravi’s case. After the courtroom trial while returning to prison he was attacked by group of strangers, so he decides to escape from the police to find the who is behind the murder. From there on its a tale of how he finds the culprit with all the odds against him except the belief of Anjali.

      Love sequence between Ravi and Konkana has been shown in parts as Ravi thinks of it when he was running for his life.

       Ravi as Goutam, turns up with a solid perfomance as a young lover and fierceful young man who wants to find the truth. Konkana’s debut as a village girl doesn’t impress, except she sizzles in some of the songs. Director Jeeva made a mistake by casting her as a village girl. Lakshmi Rai does her part well and the veteran Jayaram just pulls his role off with ease. Others too performed well in their respective characters.

      One biggest positive thing of this film is its top notch photography, Jeeva as cinematographer marked his stamp all over the movie with some brilliant visuals. Another assets are the songs tuned by Harris Jeyaraj.

     Some disappointing things are logic defying scenes like Ravi flying from one building to another, runs some kilometers after getting shot near the heart, very confusing sequences in the second half(I think editor has lost his focus) and the heroine playing with the kids in the village(seen in many films).  Comedy scenes are not written well as it doesn’t evokes laughter to the viewer.

   And the bottomline is, this is the film for the one who wants a cool cinematography and a mindless action-thriller.

  My Punch:  Not in the line of its title.

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  1. September 8, 2008 6:51 am

    Mokka padathuku ivalo periya reviewva? punchline should have been dhaamless dhoomless!

  2. kanagarajonline permalink
    September 9, 2008 1:01 pm

    indha punch line um nalla than iruku. Mokka padama irukkalam. Aana enna panrathu ethulayum story,song,music nu ellame irukke..

  3. December 24, 2008 12:04 am

    I didnt like anything in this movie…

    especially kangana… she cant pass as a southie girl

    kanagu: I thought first half of the movie is somewhat nice.. But they have made the mess while picturising the two beautiful songs. We can’t blame Kangana. That is the result of poor casting 😦

  4. December 24, 2008 12:24 am

    OMG…kangana in south?? that too Tamil?? I am surprised ! and am curious how people recieved her!

    kanagu: Sadly not much takers for her here 😦
    Its a sad thing that the role given to her can’t be played by any North-Indian girl. Its a typical soth-Indian village girl role.
    We can’t blame her for that. In the song ‘Anbe Enanbe’, she came in black colour mordern costumes.. they are really nice.

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