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Saroja – An Entertaining thriller

September 9, 2008

     Another refreshing film from Venkat Prabhu. But this time he has a plot around which he weaves his characters who are real and we can find them in our life. He succeeds in presenting a film which contains the two series of events taking place parallely and meeting at a single point that are unfolding in 24 hours by writing a near-perfect screenplay. Kudos to him for making a film with no run of the mill things like hero,heroine, romance and duets.


       The film is about the 12th std girl Saroja who was kidnapped by Sampath, to get a large amount of money from his father Vishwanath, a businessman. Jayaram was a police commissioner and also Vishwa’s friend comes to the help of him. On the same time a group of 4 friends(Ajay, Ganesh, Rambabu and Jagapathibabu ) from Chennai to Hydrebad to see a Cricket match. Due to a overturn happens to a tanker lorry traffic congestion happens which makes them to take a different route to reach the Hyderabad that eventually leads them to the Sampath’s place and from there it’s about how they comes into the picture of the kidnap and what happens to the girl.

         I felt like the first half of the film drags a bit while introducing the characters, the pace picks up once the friends reach the Sampath’s place. All the characters of the film has been etched out well. Prakashraj excels as a father who completely dragged into business without caring his daughter and once he knows the value of relationship how he deseparate to find his daughter. Jayaram as police officer played his part to perfection. Sampath as villain done well.


        Siva, Premji, SPB Charan and Vaibhav does a neat job. They are the ones who keeps us entertained in this thriller. I liked some of the one liners used by Premji from the film Sivaji and Alagiya tamilmagan in some tense situations and also the old songs played whenever Premji sees a girl. Siva may have done better. His expressions in some tense situations are very comical. Vega, the girl who played the Character Saroja does a pretty good job here.


       Stunt choreography(Selva) is superb as the 60% of the film is about the chase. Cameraman(Sakthi Saravanan) has done well in lighting as most of the film takes palce during night but at times the continous movement of camera during close-up shots irriated me. Editor(Praveen K L & Sreekanth N B) made some crisp cuttings all through the film especially during the chasing on the top of the factory and in the song ‘Nimirndhu Nil’.


       Yuvan once again rocked with his brilliant background score which gives us the feel of watching the Hollywood film. I loved the songs ‘Cheeky’ and ‘Nimirnthu Nil’.  He also made a surprise guest appearence in the song ‘Cheeky’.

        I am eager to watch the film Goa  this statement says the good work done by the Director Venkat Prabhu. He proved that his first film was no luck. This is a film for the ones who wants a thriller without getting tensed  and also a feel good entertainer.


My Punch: SAtisfyingROllercoasterJA


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  1. September 12, 2008 10:57 am

    Sounds interesting and neat review. I will probably watch it next weekend. BTW, what is that statement about goa, i didn’t understand that.

  2. kanagarajonline permalink
    September 16, 2008 3:34 pm

    Thats the next fil going to be directed by Venkat Prabhu

  3. Jagan babu permalink
    September 18, 2008 8:31 am

    The review is absolutely perfect. Also i would like to recommend the all time hit “Kuruvi” for your kind attention. Please review ‘Aadhi’ too 🙂

  4. kanagarajonline permalink
    September 26, 2008 1:30 pm

    surely Jagan… I will review that one too when I see them ;).
    I think already you will have the idea, whether you can watch or not with other reviews.

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