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Reservation – Time to re-look

September 18, 2008

          Reservations for communities in education is totally unacceptable from my point of view, which degrades quality of our education system. It produced some rich benefits to the people who are economically and socially backward in the past, but now the benefits are not reaching the people, who are really in need.

          First of all, the current system was setup back some 50 years ago  where the situations are pretty much different from the current scenario. From my knowledge, I have heard like the special offers are provided to the people who are in backward to make them socially and economically equal to the upper class people and after that this offers will be withdrawn.

           But what happened after that was pretty much hilarious, in Tamilnadu from Backward class(BC), a sub class Most Backward(MBC) was derived and some percentage of seats were allocated to them. And many of the communities from BC were trying and placing requests to the government to move them to MBC to avail more offers. The leaders of these communities and political leaders instead of thinking about how we can improve the life of their people they just demanding a place for themselves in lower category(their life time goal). If offer has been given to a community(which is really in need) then other communities continues to demand the same thing for them which provides headache to the government(Rajasthan incident).

            Political leaders(irrespective of the party) are not strong enough to withdraw this system as they are thinking only about winning the next election instead of the future of the nation. Now they introduced the reservations in nation’s highest educational institutions(27% for OBC excluding creamy layer in IIM and IIT) and I don’t know by which yardstick they are going measure the benefits achieved. Now the last thing thats going to happen is, the people belongs to OC category going to protest(now its their turn), as most of the seats in OC category are taken by the OBC and SC peoples.

          So to be fair, it’s time for the political parties to think beyond the elections and provide the facilities that are really needed to the suffering people. And for the community leaders, if they think that their students are not getting enough seats in higher educational institutions they must spend some money and train them to achieve it. Else it will create some bitter feeling among the students(future of India) which may lead to communal chaos surely in future, if not in near future.

          It is very much important as we created this system to cater out the differences and bring equality among the people.

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  1. September 21, 2008 3:16 pm

    Reminds me of the dialog from dasavatharam, in that poovaraghan manal kolai sequence, about all the so called untouchable people all being literates. Yeah, its a sad thing, but in a country where so much is so wrong, we cant help but feel helpless at such things!

  2. kanagarajonline permalink
    September 23, 2008 2:05 pm

    We people given the mantle who are not capable and they appointed the officials who are not responsible. Its a collective failure. Lets hope somebody will bring about a change and help this nation

  3. September 30, 2008 3:57 am

    i am so wired up for the issue that it would be difficult for me to comment, as once i start there will be no stop!!

  4. kanagarajonline permalink
    September 30, 2008 1:35 pm

    This is a very complicated one….. and there is no clear cut ways to put our comments. As If one thing is applicable for someone it will not applicable for others.

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