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Year before – Its party time in Johannesberg and Bangalore

September 24, 2008

           This is the day India won the inaugral T-20 world cup last year. Nobody expected India will win the worldcup, including me, but what happened was absolutely stunning and I am very much happy to see that live.














I have to call it as an experience, because I always wanted it to happen on some day in my life. I have been on training during this event, and I thought India will be knocked out in Super 8 so there will be less disturbance to my studies.

First match :  India Vs. Scotland

          There is no expectations for me, they said match is going to start by 9.P.M but I am in no hurry to watch the match, came leisurely just to know that match was abanded due to rain.

Second match: India Vs. Pakistan

         It was friday. During this match I am travelling from Bangalore to Chennai to my home with friends, as ganesh Chathurthi was on next day. I enquired about the score while travelling in the bus and they said India scored 140. After seeing the first match of the tournament where WestIndies scored 208, I just can’t ignore the thought ‘How this team going to fare without the seniors?’. And in the morning, I reached home and when I asked my brother he said ‘India won the match’. oh… thats good – I thought. I don’t know about the bowl out at that time.

Third match: India Vs. New Zealand

        It was Sunday. And this time I am returning from Chennai to Bangalore, once again I missed the match but I am not disappointed to miss it. As expected, India lost the match by 10 runs. No worries for me and I went to class as usual. But I have seen highlights of that game by next day…. where India came close to victory. So I decided to watch the next match.

Fourth Match: India Vs England

         This match started by 9 P.M. and after finishing my dinner I went to my friends room(No. 495) in the hostel. Its all started well with Sehwag and Gambhir blazing away. Yuvraj was doing warm-ups at the boundary line and the cameras focussed him often. Without knowing whats going to come in next few minutes, we just started to talk like ‘What this guy showing off more.. over-reacting like that. He came after Dhoni, but what happened in that stuart Broad over was something extraordinary. When he hit the 3rd six, I am calling to my room and asking my roommate(who is studying) to see that over. And during the break we were very happy as India posted 218. England chased well but they are short of Indian total and they are happy nights.

Fifth match: India Vs. South Africa

       This match too started by 9.P.M. Its a must win match for India to qualify for semis. I don’t have much memories about this match. Two things I remember are 1) it is the same room I watched the England match. 2) Before the match it was said that South Africa qualified for semis. But they didn’t reached the semis as they can’t get the enough runs to maintain the net runrate.

Sixth match: India Vs. Australia

           If I correctly remember, this match was played on Saturday(leave for us, and we are in hostel) started by 6.30.P.M. India first batted and they are just scoring at 6 runs/over, I thought its going to over here for India. Yuvraj came in by 9.1 over where the score was 54, he started off with a six, from that onwards ball was just flying, so as the runrate. One shot I will not forget, he just scooped a delivery from Symonds over the square boundary line with ease. Thats scintillating and great one(70 off 30 balls) than that six sixes. Indians scored 188. A great total.

         When Australia started their Innings, I was in my cousin’s room. At first, their innings were quiet but a over from Sehwag changed everything. Hayden has hit 3 sixes just like that. I just ran out that room and went to my auspicious room no.495 to watch the rest of the match. India won the match. Oh.. only one match… final …… with Pakistan. Great!!!!!!!

Seventh match: India Vs. Pakistan

          The final is on Monday. We informed all our friends just watch the match in the room where you watched the semifinals. And We had planned to get out of our labs by 5 as the match is going to start by 5.30. And we informed all our friends just watch the match in the room where you watched the semifinals. But as usual, I am late for these one too(What man, when will you be punctual?). I just seen the six of Yusuf Pathan, when I entered my room.  After placing the books in my room, I ran to the room no.495 , where already 10 of my friends cheering up the Indians :). India posted a modest score of 156.

         Pakistan started their innings, and I could remember the direct hit from Uthappa to sent back Imran Nazir(played well in that game) who looked like a enemy at that time. Suddenly, they were tottering at 76/6. I told to my friends that let’s enjoy the match in amphi-theatre with many people as India surely going to win, but as usual they didn’t respected my idea. But Misbah lead a great fightback and in last over they need only 13 runs with 1 wicket and most importantly, Misbah was on strike. Now there was a six and a wide in that over which makes only 6 runs to win the match. And Misbah, scooped a ball over the fine leg and cameraman showed it, as the ball was soaring over the boundary for a six but when the camera was moved down Sreesanth was there at short fine leg running behind to catch the ball. My heart-stopped for a moment—- whether he will take that catch?


















               But when he took that catch, the whole hostel was jubiliant. Wishes were flying everywhere…… everybody coming out of the rooms with big laughs.

         INDIA WON THE WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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