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Its a disappointing day

September 30, 2008

    Last Wednesday was not a great one. It’s after a very long time I played a game to win. But I lost it. And its not the loss that hurted me. The manner in which I lost it hurts me more.

    Its a carrom tournament in which I played in both singles and doubles. It’s been after some 3 to 4 years I am playing the game. In singles I was comprehensively defeated by my opponent. We already played a trial game before the match, after that trial the prophet in me said you are going to lose this and also comprehensively. And thats what happened(I am happy as I was able to visualise my future 🙂 ).

     After the singles, its doubles competition in which I partnered with my friend. In this one, I determined to go atleast to the finals. We won two rounds and in the third we faced opponents with superior skills than us. But somewhat we managed and stayed till the last coin. Now there are only three coins on the board. A White, a black and a red. Its time for me to strike.   At that time, I had red at the right of the left hand corner Pocket and  white and black coins at the left of my right hand corner pocket. White was the first one from the pocket and black is behind. We are playing for black. By the rule we can’t hit opponents coin directly. I wanted to take the black from the back of white but my friend feared that what will happen if the white goes inside. Then I just wasted the strike by giving the striker directly to my opponent. My opponent got the striker, first put red with a back shot. Then he pocketed the white by hitting the side of the board which then hit black that in turn put the white inside. I may have cleared the white from there by hitting the left of my board. But that I thought after the match only. If I have not wasted my strike and give it a try means something may happened. That lost strike hurts me more than the defeat. Its always hard for me to digest a loss when I wanted to win. It surely hurts me.

           Here comes some second disappointment, but, the funniest side of that day. Me and my friend planned to go to a movie on that night. His home is very much nearer to the theatre(Udhayam in Chennai). I have to travel some 90 mins to reach there from my office(SP koil near chengalpet). phew!!! The show is on 9.45. I started from my office by 7.30. It was raining outside. I always travel by train. But the train is by 8 only. Last time I went by that train and entered the movie hall 1 min after the film screened(I always hate to enter movie hall late).  So this time I planned to go by bus. Waited for the bus that has few stops(In process I left some buses which have more stops 🙂 ). I got that by 7.55. By 8.15 itself I crossed one-third of the distance(Now I am in tambaram). If I went by train it would surely reached there by 8.35. I told to myself how preplanned you are 😛 .

        But bus got stuck in the traffic it took some 45 mins to cross one and half kilometers. All the vehicles are just standing on the road(no movement) just made me to think they are parked 🙂 . Bus stops are like bus depots. So many were standing there(including lorries and vans). Its 9 now. That train will surely crossed that place by 8.45. Now the railway station(Chrompet) is 300 meters away. I just decided to run from there to station. Now I am running(fastest transport available now) on the road between the parked vehicles. It would be great if I took some pictures and posted here but I had no time on that day. I asked my friend to pick me up from station. I got the train by 9.20, get down by 9.40. My friend came and we entered the hall 10 minuted late 😦 .

          Thing I learned from this one: how harder one can try and pre-plan, he/she can’t separate rain and traffic, and do as planned. lol 😀 .

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  1. October 16, 2008 12:30 am

    Good oneunga, esp the closing line!

  2. October 16, 2008 11:51 pm

    Thank you Rajesh…. Only the experience and the situation we are in, can bring about the best out of us. Last line one such thing 🙂

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