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Welfare of people? No, only power

November 26, 2008

     BJP as expected took the communalism into their election campaign (Delhi, MP, Jammu and Rajasthan) a real thing to worry. And what’s more disheartening to see is the supportive comments on the accused of Malegaon blasts from our opposition leader and the Prime Minister Candidate and the leader of BJP Rajnath Singh. But I am not surprised of it. Here are the comments made by him in support of the accused and against the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS).

 “Leader of Opposition L K Advani broke his silence on Malegaon accused Sadhvi Pragya Singh to join the Sangh Parivar chorus condemning the “barbaric treatment” meted out to a “spiritual person”.

 So what he is trying to say here. A spiritual person can indulge in any kind of evil things in the name of spirituality and no action has to be taken against them. It’s a fun to hear that barbaric treatment was meted out at her. Did he visited any jails and how the prisoners treated by the officers there. If we hear that means not only tears blood will come out of our eyes. Why there is always double standard while examining a person? Everybody is equal in front of law. Read the below article which states that muslims are tortured after the bomb blasts in Hyderabad just because they are muslims. Didn’t he notice this one? Are we going to elect him just to protect the sadhus and members of RSS, VHP or for 110 crore population?

 “Polygraph and narco tests were conducted without her consent. Not even a female constable was present during her illegal confinement… It has become clear that ATS is acting in a politically motivated and unprofessional manner.”

 Until now ATS were not completed their investigation and didn’t announced their findings, so there is no point in calling them as political motivated group and they are acting in unprofessional way.

On October 31st he made the following comment:

“We don’t defend her. She was with ABVP sometime back, nothing now. If the government has any proof against any one…against ABVP or any Sangh Parivar outfit, if there is proof, he/she should be punished.”

       So what made him to take an upside down stand within some 15 days? Leaders in BJP never voiced their opinions freely as there is always pressure from their outfits RSS and VHP. As elections are fast approaching, Mr.Advani had no choice but to fall back to them for their support.

         And also our country’s population comprises of 80% of Hindus. So by taking the aggressive Hinduism stand, they are showing themselves as the saviors of Hindu religion and its people. By campaigning about this they are just hiding the needs of the people and what they will do when if they come to power. As one of the largest party in Secular country, they must concern about the goodness of all the people and must refrain from dividing the people on basis of casteism or communalism.

       Mr.Rajnath Singh leader of BJP went a step further and participated in the panipat conclave organized by the sangh parivar to protest the arrest of Sadhvi and others belonging to the hindu community. As a leader of a national party he must not associate himself with this kind of things which will surely misled the people. Some of the very intolerable comments made by him:

“Politics in India has always had a deep relationship with religion. I, on behalf of the BJP, want to assure the seers that maligning of their name by the UPA will not be tolerated by the party. These investigations are inspired by political motives.”

 “Without sufficient evidence, the government is targeting Hindu religious leaders and ashrams. We find these actions of the government suspicious.”

“Whoever is connected with cultural nationalism and Bharatiyata cannot be a terrorist.”

         After reading these kind of statements what can we do? Laugh at these leaders or sympathize on ourselves for having these kind of leaders. If any other from VHP or RSS making this like comment means it is acceptable as they are not the one who are going to decide the fate of this country.

      And now Shiva Sena has gone many miles further to possess itself as a aggressive party by planning to give a chance to compete to be a member of Lok Sabha to Lt.Purohit. Where our country leads? Why not the election commission of India ban this Shiv Sena Party? They are just playing with th e beliefs of the people for the political power. 

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  1. November 26, 2008 1:10 am

    @ Kanagu: BJP is an extreme right wing Hindu Nationalist Party. They have not been able to come to power on their own ever and if they did they will radically change the structure of this country to reflect their religious nationalism. When that happens it will be an utter disaster because there are very fine balances that need to be maintained to keep this country intact. I hope that they can transform themselves in to an Indian political party and perhaps take out the nationalism from their politics and the religion bit. Although I think that is highly unlikely. The last thing we need in this country is further strife.

    I hope for all our sakes we can get better political parties but the question is where will they come from? Why can not we have parties that fight elections on real issues? It can only happen when we demand that they do. When we ourselves refuse to listen to their long winding speeches and just ask them to shut up and listen to us. The silver haired fossil club that is the parliament now needs a change and I am sure that it will come. In a way we are the change already.

    kanagu: With Mr.Advani at the helm we can’t expect them to change. His record speaks for himself. We need new parties with new leaders because all the parties which are here were completely rotten and they will continue to rot our country more. A fresh leg, fresh mind and fresh thoughts are required to address the real issues of the people.
    Where are we changing? we are still have only choice of choosing better of the evils and I couldn’t see any hope in the horizon.

  2. November 26, 2008 9:51 am

    I would copy paste odzer’s comment in the issue. It is high time that we turn deaf ears to the party leaders trying to split us apart n the basis of religion.

    kanagu: Only one thing what we can do is we can cast our votes like I vote nobody using the 49-O in constitution of India with no party concerning about the people’s worries

  3. November 26, 2008 1:36 pm

    there is something seriously wrong with the way things go on in terms of politics…I actually cant say anything coz I have given up reading certain newspapers just because its these horrible politics…
    But as ur title says….its nothing but power 😦
    And one message which I took from Fashion movie is “Almost everyone has the potential to become successful…but only very few know how to handle the power and fame that comes with success”
    Thats all i have to say :I

    kanagu: Don’t give up just because the state of politics in our country is horrible.. because if everyone of us continue to do that means these flithy politicians will broke our country into pieces in the name of communalism. We have to fight..

  4. November 27, 2008 5:13 pm

    hmmm dirty Indian Politics.. a change is needed..but who will take a step ahead to do it?

    kanagu: There is no hope now for me too. But somebody must emerge from this nation to put our nation out of apathy.

  5. December 3, 2008 7:35 pm

    The BJP is the Hindu equivalent of the nasty Islamic parties in Pakistan, like the one led by Fazl-ur-Rehman and the VHP and other lowly goons are the Taliban of India. Their aims are the same – convert their respective countries into backward, barbaric, feudal, mediæval societies. Shame on them! 😡

    kanagu: I agree with you Raj. They never want the people to think and take decisions independently. In the name of god they are giving all sort trouble to the nation.

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