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Terror attacks – My insight

December 1, 2008

         One more attack was unleashed on our financial capital. In this 2008 itself we have seen several terrorist attacks all over the country. The interval in which all these attacks happened was quite alarming. Too much were happened from May 2008 but our government never took any serious action to curb the terror activities. The interest shown in giving the bail out packages to the Airline companies and slowing economic condition were not shown in the security of the nation. Mumbai attacks are the recent proofs. But now the big question is will the government learn from the mistakes made and increase the nation’s security or it will take some more terror attacks to wake it up from its deep sleep.

        People were always stood united in case of any kind of attacks and there is no need for the leaders to tell about that. Each time some part of the nation was attacked these leaders have these standard statements like ‘This is an attack on the nation’, ‘People must stand united in this crisis time’ and ‘we must think beyond politics’. If we think what they have done beyond these statements was nothing. An all party meeting, cabinet meeting were all held even during the attacks happened before but whether they implemented what they have decided after the meetings. Everything was gone into the air just like a smoke. What people want from them were not the speeches but actions.

         Mr.Shivraj Patil was resigned from his home minister post. If they say he was made his resignation because of his failure to stop the recent attacks on Mumbai, then this whole country will laugh. He has been presented with numerous occasions for resignation due to his inefficiency and he picked this one for his exit. Even after being in the office of home ministry for over 3 years he didn’t made any significant improvement for the security of the nation. NSA M.K.Narayanan must also vacate his office following the attacks by taking the responsibility for all the attacks happened until now. But these attacks were never deterred him and he was continuing in his post. Now Mr.P.Chidambaram was made as the new Home Minister. With only 4 months for the general elections we cannot expect much from him.

          183 lives were lost including the police officers and NSG commandos. Persons like ATS chief Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Major Unnikrishnan and Salaskar who held the highest positions were died in this battle between the terrorists. These are the people who put the safety of the people ahead of their lives. I have heard that the political parties were pasted posters in Mumbai in tribute to them. The same parties only questioned the investigation conducted by him and his integrity after the evidences were pointed out that there maybe involvement of some Sadhus. By doing this they have proved that they will do anything for the votes. Government must make sure that their families will not suffer much in financial basis. We have seen that has been happened to a family of a soldier who died fighting the terrorists during parliamentary attacks.

         The news channels were showing each and everything happening at the place of fighting. By this they are indirectly helping the terrorists and the ones who are operating them. They are feeding the required news to them. They can say that that was their right but at the same time they must act sensibly at these times by thinking at the larger picture.

       Terrorists were easily come through the sea and executed their plans. What our coastal guard officers have done during those times? As I already mentioned in my other article our intelligence system was not working properly. Else even after all those lapses in the last few months they didn’t functioned effectively. With all the evidences were leading to the conclusion that there is a involvement of Pakistan in the attacks Indian government must take some strong stand against them and make them to be co-operative in investigations. A diplomatic speech like what will happen to the relation between us, if we force them, will not help our cause, as we are losing the lives of innocent people every year to some fundamental rationalist group. Even the scenario in Pakistan was changing with they also being attacked by the terrorist groups. So they know what it will be like.

        Now each and every citizen of our country has the feeling of insecure. They are not sure whether they are safe. So government must take all the required steps to bring back the peace in this country. Be it setting NSG hubs in all the metros or improving the security measures they must do them with immediate effect to prevent the further damage.

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  1. December 2, 2008 12:30 am

    @ Kanagu : Well, who is responsible? Responsibility is a dirty word in India. Over the years Indians have become experts at blame shifting. The problem is though that at the end of the day we are the one’s who have to sit up. If you want change you will have to stop enjoying the laxity of it all and start by making a difference on your own level. Do not pay bribes, do not take no for an answer. Start with your local government. Start small and think big. If we can not even clean up our streets how will we clean India of terrorism? Something to think about?

    kanagu: Yes odzer. The day when we understand our responsibility and do accordingly the things around will improve. A very good point made, a valid one. I will try them. Bribe is a big problem in India and if we manage to get rid of it we say that half the prosperity in our country is restored.

  2. December 2, 2008 12:32 am

    @ Kanagu : Oh and yes I absolutely agree with you that the live coverage of the events was uncalled for. Also I believe they should have suspended the mobile phone network all over the city for more than just one reason. People can live without their phones for 2 days, no big deal.

    kanagu: They are giving too much of importance to this and due to it many of the important things happening in our country are taking back seat. I am seeing the new channels in which there is no other news for past 5 days which made me to think that they are over reacting.

  3. December 2, 2008 6:58 am

    Valuable post made.. hard hitting.. the main prob n INDIA is thr s no unity among Political parties in INDIA.. If it’d happened in other countries, the ruling and opposition party instead of WAR-OF-WORDS on other, get into act by discussing and raising t bars of National Security!!! And Raj Thackeray and his MNS, when thr s a peace in country, they make it violent… and nw, thr s violence, they remain silent!!!

    kanagu: Welcome to my blog Karthik 🙂
    I thought about writing Raj Thackrey in this post. But by giving unwanted importance for their irresponsible activities they are in news for no reason and they gain unwanted popularity among people. Our political parties are not going to change their way of action. So we have to eliminate them. They don’t have the culture of how to behave to various issues. Their only aim is to be in power.

  4. December 2, 2008 10:15 am

    great post and good point.political parties are the first things I guess the country needs to get rid off!! and more than NSG hubs in metros i wud say the state police force of every state should be strengthened! Its a shame that with so much threats doing the rounds our police men are still holding guns tht are no better than walking sticks!

    kanagu: We have no choice when it comes to political parties here. So we must think about how can we make them to work us in a most effective way until a new party arises with concerning the real problems of the nation. And surely our weapons given to police needs to be mordernised. If they have been good we may not lost some of our most valuable officers. And also they must have adequate training on those weapons.

  5. December 3, 2008 7:46 pm

    Pakistan must act against these filthy groups for their own good! Else something must be done by us!

    kanagu: Today when I have seen the news I got confused with the statements of Pak. President Zardari. They need the proof. I am thinking that that was a knowledgeable question. No country will allow or like any other country to arrest their citizens for any crime. So we must provide the proofs against those people. And the other thing I couldn’t understand is he said that they will conduct the probe in their own country and sentence them. I was just laughing while hearing this comment. I must say to him that whatever decision they may like to make but before that they have to get permission from their army. It’s pure fun.

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