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A dramatic week

December 5, 2008

Last year there is a week in which lot of things were happened which I never expected. But the good thing about that is its ending was good. I wanted to post this by November 28 itself. But with lot of things were happened during that time, I felt that it is not a good time post the article.

November 21:

 5.15. P.M.: I am with few of my friends attending a seminar. I came to know that postings have been given for all the trainees and I am in no hurry. I thought I will surely get Chennai or Bangalore and if it is worse means it will be Mysore. When I have seen my posting I am not surprised but shocked. It stated that Pune. I am not even thought about it in dream. I am just checking with everybody to get a swap to Chennai or Bangalore. But most of the swapping was finished before I could react. I have found a north Indian girl who has got Chennai. But for some strange reasons I couldn’t swap with her and one of my friend swapped with her.

 7:30. P.M.: Now it is time for me to see who are all got their posting location as Pune. One of my close friends Parasaran also got the same location and also some others prior to my roll number got it. We all decided that if we are going to swap let’s inform each other. But no one has kept up their word except Parasaran. Everybody swapped their locations for Hyderabad. But we both were in no mood to go to Hyderabad. Instead we tried for Bangalore or Chennai.

 8:30. P.M.: I have reached my room dejected without knowing what to do or say. One of class friend Gopinath got his posting in Bhubaneswar. I always respect him much. He was like a guide for me. He never hesitated to help us. So I went to his room and asked him whether I may come with him. But he replied that ‘Don’t talk like a nut. If at all I get Pune I will come there. Don’t come to Bhubaneswar.’ Each and everybody were said like that. Nobody was willing to go to Bhubaneswar.

 All that night I am very much depressed.

 November 22:

 10:30 .A.M.: Parasaran and me were roaming around the campus with no hope. I have seen a mail in my mailbox stating that one girl willing to swap with Trivandrum location. So I am eagerly run to her place to ask about it. But she said she has re-considered it and going to Trivandrum.

Incidentally that was the birthday of Parasaran, and now I regret the fact that we not even cut a cake for him on that day. I came to know that by some 11 only. Only thing we enjoyed on that day is lunch. An unlimited Andhra meal in the mess which is located very near to our campus.

 November 23:

 11:00 .A.M.: With no hope of getting any other location we both given up and decided to go to Pune. We said to ourselves like this. This is what we have got. So let’s go there and enjoy (Thinking about bachelor’s life).

 12:30 .P.M: We went to book our tickets for Pune for Sunday. We booked it and came back.

 05:30 .P.M: Here came a mail which I may call as disaster to all my little joy. Everybody until the roll no. before mine got Bangalore as their posting location which includes Parasaran who is previous to mine. With many of them already swapped their locations, I left alone. I don’t know anyone who is going to Pune.

 06.00. P.M.: I am again started to search for the location. Luckily I have a person who got the location Bangalore and willing to swap. So I went with him and tried to swap. But that swapping system was gone off by that time. I have talked with my higher but of no use. I have to travel to Pune.

 08:30. P.M.: I have packed all my luggage’s and kept it in the room itself as I have to come back by Sunday to Bangalore to go to Pune. I called up by mom to tell that I have posted in Pune and I will be in home tomorrow. She never wanted me to go out of Chennai. So she was asking why you are going there. Why didn’t you have your posting in Chennai? I have no answers.

 09:30. P.M.: I had my last meal in Bangalore where I have spent 4 good months. With everybody parting to their ways, it’s a farewell.

 11:00. P.M.: I have started my journey towards Chennai with Gopinath. We are just talking about when will we meet again with both us going to two ends of India?

 November 24:

 06:30. A.M.: I have reached my home city Chennai and went to my home. I have spent the whole day in my home and informed all my friends that I am going to Pune. Many of them said it’s a nice place to live and enjoy your days there. But I am in no mood to accept them as I am going to a place from which I can’t come to my home when needed.

 November 25:

 07:30. A.M.: I have started to Bangalore from my home with heavy heart without knowing when I will be back here. Parasaran asked to come to his home on Sunday. His home is in Hosur. So I got the bus to go to Hosur.

 03:00. P.M.: I have reached Hosur. Parasaran took me to his home and his mom made a nice lunch. We had it and he took me to Bangalore in his bike. After taking my luggage out, I vacated my room. And I started from there to catch Pune bus.

 06:30 .P.M.: I have met a new set of people who also got the Pune as their location. They are too good natured and I never felt like alienated from them. They have talked with me freely and I am very much grateful to be there. Bus has started by 7:30.P.M. Journey that I never want to forget.

 November 26:

 10:30. A.M.: We have reached Pune. I don’t know even a bit of Hindi and luckily we have got 2 to 3 friends who know Hindi well and they helped in bargaining with auto-drivers.

 01:00. P.M.: We have reached our Pune campus and the security officials there arranged a room for all of us to refresh.

 03:30. P.M.: We have got our rooms and refreshed. As we didn’t take lunch, we are all very much hungry. So we went out have some food and took a look around the campus. It looked so beautiful.

 06:00. P.M.: We all returned back to our rooms and I started to sleep.

 06:45. P.M.: Parasaran and a training friend called me from Bangalore and told that I am re-located to Chennai. I didn’t believe it at first but after they stressed it I have no option but to believe them.

 07:30. P.M.: We all went to the check our mails to conform it. And I am very much happy to go back to Chennai as one of my friend while going to Pune said that he was going to book the ticket for going to Chennai by December 25. I am out of words as I wanted leave from my there as soon as possible.

The sad part about this re-location is two of our friends didn’t get Chennai.

 November 27:

 09:00. A.M.: We have reported to our HR that we are re-located to Chennai. She said ok and allowed us to return back.

 10.00. A.M.: We booked tickets to Chennai for that night itself in Dadar express. Now everybody were very relaxed and started to roam around the campus till evening.

 06:00. P.M.: We came back to our rooms and vacated it. By 8.P.M we had our dinner and got ready to go to railway station as the train is by next day 12.A.M.


09:30. P.M.: I informed to my mom that I have got posted to Chennai and I will be back there by tomorrow. She was very happy. I first thought not to inform to my home and surprise them by suddenly appearing into the home. But somehow I changed my mind and told to my mom.

 November 28:

 12.00. A.M.: We get into the train and our journey back to Chennai has started. Only things we have all through the journey is sleeping, eating and talking. I loved that journey.

 08:00. P.M.: I am back to Chennai. I couldn’t believe myself. I never thought that I will be back soon but it happened.

This post is tribute to all of the friend’s who came with me to Pune. Because without them I may surely have felt lonliness. They didn’t given any room for that in my thoughts.

P.S.: For this post my friend Parasaran was eagerly waiting. I am very much happy that I was able to fulfil his simple wish.

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  1. Smita permalink
    December 5, 2008 9:39 am

    A roller coaster experience this was 🙂

    Thank your luck 🙂

    kanagu: Yes I am thanking my luck and also god 🙂

  2. December 5, 2008 5:40 pm

    So much love for Chennai? Dude, if you are not going to visit new places, you would never do it. So reach out to new places whenever there is an opportunity.
    I spent my first year after graduation in coal mines, which are not that exotic, when compared to Pune and Bhubaneshwar 🙂


    kanagu: Welcome to my blog vijay 🙂
    I know that vijay we have to visit different places. But I have so much for this city and with my family and friends here there is no point in staying in a place which requires 1 day travel to reach. For me bangalore is ok 🙂
    But if I stayed there I may have learnt about the culture of the people living there. I miss that 😦

  3. Princess Aiz permalink
    December 5, 2008 6:40 pm

    hi friend,

    you have got such lovely friends pa..
    and you are one as well fulfilling your friend’s wish through this post..


    kanagu: Yeah.. I am having some friends who are all keeps me going in stress times.. thanks princess

  4. December 6, 2008 12:37 am

    I’ve not been to Pune but I’ve heard that it’s a good place. But there can be no place like home. Namma Chennai, home sweet home! 🙂

    kanagu: Yeah.. no heaven can beat the beauty of Chennai 🙂

  5. December 6, 2008 5:10 am

    I read this post a few times and I dont get first I thought because of the things happening in Mummbai..but no mention..then I thought cause of the things in Chennai (the post with the man getting beaten) but no mention of that…So I am lost…anyways interesting post as I am big fan on your site…Zman sends

    kanagu: oh steve.. this is a personal experience which I had last year.. I have to leave my home and had to travel some 1000 kilometers for my job but fortunately I returned back within two days..
    I am humbled by your comments steve.. thanks a lot 🙂

  6. December 6, 2008 8:30 am

    Interesting experience to say the least… 😀

    And I must thank you for taking time to stop by and voice out. Let us hope peace and sanity prevail.

    Peace. Have a nice day.

    kanagu: Yeah.. very interesting with lot of twist and turns..
    with our hopes we also must take some steps for that.
    Welcome to my blog.. I hope to see your next visit soon.. 🙂

  7. December 6, 2008 7:30 pm


    And thanks for the welcome. Will stop by soon.

    kanagu: thank you 🙂

  8. December 7, 2008 2:46 am

    @ Kanagu : Wow so much of up and down. Whatever you work for dude is sure not very professional since they keep changing their minds and nothing is final! Anyway you should always do whatever you want to do. Never settle for any less.

    kanagu: yes.. that’s the nature of corporate world.. 🙂

  9. SasiPrabha permalink
    December 9, 2008 4:10 pm

    Hi Kanag..
    Really nice to see your blog….even i cannot forget this week in my life….very nicely pictured…keep it up!!

    kanagu: Thanks sasi.. Without you all friends, I must have surely felt the loneliness..

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