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Be sensible and responsible

December 18, 2008

      After the mumbai terror attacks, Pakistan’s leaders were dancing differently to different tunes. If we see the comments made by the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan we could sense that they are not sure about what they are speaking and what they really want to say. One day they say ‘We will send the ISI chief ti India for investigation’, on the next day they said, ‘No, no we will not send him. India has to provide the proof’. There is 20080510_gilanitoo much confusion. And we still didn’t know whether their voices are theirs or any other inside sources. Even though they are saying that now the ISI doesn’t backing LeT, there is very few people can believe it. Let us see the Pakistan leaders comments and how pathetic they are:

       On 28th November 2008, Pak. PM Gilani said through his spokesman Bashir that

“The Pakistani prime minister accepted this(Indian PMs request to send ISI chief over terror attcks for investigation) offer. The two sides will work out modalities for the visit of the Inter Services Intelligence chief which is expected to take place soon.”

      Next day, on 29th November 2008, a spokesman of Pak PM said that,

A representative of the ISI will visit India, instead of its Director General Lt Gen Shuja Pasha, to help in investigating the Mumbai terrorism incident.

    This was happened after the meeting among Pak. Pres. Zardari, Pak. PM Gilani and the chief of the army Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. This will make us to suspect that who really has the real power there and who is the head. Is it Army chief or its Prime Minister and President?

    On 1st december 2008, Zardari has strike out at India saying that,

his country should not be punished for the three-day terrorist rampage in Mumbai that killed around 200 people including foreigners.

resist striking out at his (Pakistan’s) government should investigations show that Pakistani militant groups were responsible for the attacks

       And their PM Gilani went ahead and said that India must provide the evidences against those terrorists, so that Pakistan will take action against asif_alif_zardari_lider_partido_popular_pakistan_viudo_ex_primer_ministro_asesinadathem according to their rules. His above statement is absolutely ridiculous. They are the terrorists who are all caused too much of damage to property and lives of India, and how they can effectively enquire those terrorists with the proofs given by India and the other thing is, they must be punished in the land they have committed the crime.

           On 3rd Dec 2008 Mr.Zardari came out and said in an interview that, on ISI,

“In the past, lots of mistakes have been made, I cannot deny that. But the present government does not support any such action and the — I can assure the world from my side, from my Army’s side, from my parliament’s side and the people of Pakistan that we are not helping any such activity.”

   So they are accepting that ISI has backed the terrorists to conduct attacks in India. So what is the answer Pakistan is going to provide for the all the lives lost and how can we believe that they are backing the terrorists anymore? Are they going to punish all of whom who are involved in those activites. If they are doing that means we can believe that they are not just speaking but putting them into action. Each and every ordinary people in this world loves peace. Pakistan people were no difference.

“We have not been giving any tangible proof to say that he is definitely a Pakistani. I very much doubt, Larry, that he’s a Pakistani”

This is also said by him on that day. But now Kasab has admitted that he is a Pakistani and a terrorist. Even his father has claimed that Kasab was his son. So now what Zardari was going to do? Will he believe that ther are many a things wrong in his country and will ban all those terror outfits and arrest all those terrorists? His country’s young people were directed towards a wrong path which will not argur good for his country.. After this news he never said anything on Kasab. Instead of that, on 15th December 2008, he said the following statement:

“Not for them, it’s for myself. The Indians must understand that the government (of Pakistan) and the people of Pakistan are net losers of the situation. We had put in a lot of effort to make good relations with India,”

       He termed themselves as net-losers. And they are the reason for that. They allowed the terrorism to grow in their land and when they are trying to cut it down, it tears them. Pakistan, now, must have known that ‘They are reaping, what they have sowed long before’. India failed in having the proper infrastructure in place for security and it has lost lots of lives. Everything goes in hand-in-hand.

           And today came the cracker of the news, Masood was not under house arrest:

“We are looking for him. He is not under house arrest. As far as I know, it (news reports of Azhar’s house arrest) is wrong. He is not in Pakistan…We don’t know where he is,”

       On 10th December, they have said that,

“The arrest being made are for our own investigations. Even if allegations are proved against any suspect, he will not be handed over to India,” Qureshi said on Tuesday

   So they are not arrested means, why they didn’t denied it when the news came out. With the whole world pointing their fingers towards the Pakistan as the house of terrorists they are still searching for them. And if they found them, they will not put them in jail, instead they will put them under house arrest as their arrests may trigger some huge protests. We can’t see any logic why they are just under house arrest? Let the Pakistan leaders will explain that to us.

         Your comments depicts your country’s face around the world. So while making them be careful. A leader with so much confused mind will never be able to lead the nation. So be awake when you are all making your comments sir.

Sources: Times of India, Rediff

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  1. December 18, 2008 2:57 am

    There’s no doubt about who runs Pakistan, Kanagu. It neither Zardari nor Gilani, it’s Kayani!

    Kanagu: Things happening there makes us to believe this 😦

  2. December 18, 2008 12:50 pm

    I say Go for a war If they dnt c-perate and hand over the accused

    kanagu: We must understand that all of them were having nuke weapons, and it is not sensible to that.. Peace must be the only mantra.. war will create some scars that will not heal.

  3. December 18, 2008 2:46 pm

    Title says it all!! It applies to everyone who passes statements and comments thinking “chalega” or without thinking at all!!

    And the situation 😦 huh what a pity….they were once hindusthanis right? roots are the same! we call them being a part of India once just coz this is bigger entity!…if India’s size was pakisthan’s …i dont think I would mind someone calling us, they were once pakistanis….hmm…its the perspective and i feel all this is coz of immaturity in actions and words!

    kanagu: The problem with Pakistan is that they have been misguided from their independence through inefficient and no so-talented leaders, which made their situation pathetic. They always played politics with India and always depicted our nation as their enemy. Now there are some changes but I am afraid that the terrorism may affect this!!

  4. December 18, 2008 2:47 pm

    and ya, ur new theme is really working well for ur posts!!
    And a lot of difference in the first post of Kanagu to this! too good improvement in just 2 months!

    kanagu: Thank you.. 🙂 I am very happy that I have made some improvement 🙂

  5. December 18, 2008 3:28 pm

    Do you really think that pakistan is ever going to be responsible!! 🙄

    kanagu: Hope!! which makes me to think like that Sakhi 🙂

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