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Life is beautiful, Platoon and Bommalattam

December 23, 2008

       This weekend I have seen 3 films of three different genres. But the thing is that I liked all of them and I didn’t think two are not best in their genre. But overall the ending is good and I enjoyed them. One film is outstanding and it is a must watch. Let me tell my views on the movies:

 Life is beautiful:

          I think this is an over-hyped movie. I have read about this movie in web. And in that they raised this movie to sky heights. So I got the DVD by last week. What I thought about this film is it will be a hard-hitting one. But the first scene I have seen is happening in Italy on 1939 and it is a really funny one which made me to think whether I have bought a wrong one. But luckily after that scene they have put the title and I am relieved. But afterwards too, the film moved as a romantic tale but I heard that it is a film of sacrifice. Now I got the doubt of whether there is any other film named ‘Life is Beautiful’ and I bought the wrong one. Even it had some great comic scenes in the initial stages, it lacked the cohesiveness so after some 15 minutes it started to be boring. Next 25 minutes I felt the same and this is the part this film’s hero Guido wins the love of princess and marries her. And the story now moves 6 years later, 1945. Now they have a child named Joshua, a 5-year old.

           As the Second World War reaching its end, Italian government puts all the Jews in jail. Guido’s family also caught and Guido decides that his son doesn’t affected by this situation. And he explains to his son as this is a game and whoever scores 1000 points first will get a tank. He answers his sons each and every question with that competition. If he says he feels hungry, he says that if anybody says that he is hungry then they will reduce 10 points. Like this he lies to his son till the war ends, so that he will not affected.

          Some of the scenes I liked in this movie are: When all the Jews are put in a room and an official comes there to explain the rules of that jail he wants a one who can translate it in English to others from German. Guido voluntarily goes there even though he doesn’t know German. And with the action of the official he makes his own words with the game of 1000 points and translates till the end without any flaws, as if somebody goes there means may tell what the official says. And when his son wants to move out of the jail, he talks in a way that his son himself wants to stay there for some more days to win the game. Truly masterminded ones, keeping the mentality of a child.

         I liked the character of Guido whose humour is very spontaneous and likeable. And it was portrayed by Benigni with ease. But when I heard that he got oscar for that, I am not happy. Its not a performance that may worth the highest award. The heroine of this film was cute and I loved the small boy Joshua. And if you are going to watch this movie keep in mind that this film is great during second half and don’t go away after first few boring scenes. Is life is beautiful? Yes. Is this film is beautiful? Indeed.


           This is a film which I bought some 6 months ago, just played in my DVD player to check how the print is. But when I watched it on Saturday, I was stunned. What a great movie it is!! It captures the mind and heart of the people involving in the war, the conflicts between them and what each and everyone values most in a war.

           In this film, a youngman Chris who is of 20+ years of age goes to Vietnam war and he narrates his experiences(horrifying) to her grandmother. At times he is very proud about what he is doing. A profession that is not taken by anyone who was good. As he explains, a man who has nothing to lose joins the army. The members in the platoon were divided into two groups, with one half under sergent Barnes and other half under Sergant Elias. Where Elias is a free-spirited soldier and Barnes is a man who believes in himself and loves to fight and kill people. Due to the difference in opinions and circumstances they both begins to fight with each other. And with a unexpected thing happens, Chris does what he values most.

           I am able to relate this movie as one of the protagonist of this movie was of my age. I felt the emotions of him. The things which will happen when one fighting in a forest was beautifully portrayed. A snake was moving between the legs, a leech stuck on to his face and the red ants all over his neck. Not a great circumstances to live. But the soldiers in army have to brave both the cricumstances and enemies to save their country.

           A particular scene I have liked in this movie is when Elias tells to Chris that he has lost belief in winning the war in Vietnam. But then also he continues to fight. Because government doesn’t know what really happens there. On their order, soldiers with no other option goes to fight to protect themselves and their collegues. A great thing explained.

         A movie will be extraordinary if there are some lively performances. And here each and everyone gives their best. Don’t miss this movie. A wonderful one. Just see it for how a soldier struggles for us. I may this movie again in the coming weekend.

            I have bought this movie DVD, after seeing that it has been placed at 47th place in James Bardenelli’s top 100 list. I always loved his reviews and I always give a read in his web. His web is here.


        Bharathiraja, a veteran director comes out with a absorbing thriller this time. I enjoyed this one very much. It kept me guessing till the end and I couldn’t solve the mystery. Thanking myself- as I didn’t read any reviews. I am just going to give a brief overview of this film. I will post the full review for this movie by next week.

       For the first time, I have seen Nana Patekar and I understand that why he was held at such heights. A power-packed performance from him. His each and every part and movement of his body portrays the character. Another great performance was came from the newcomer Rukmani Jayakumar. Her dancing skills are really superb. Thanks to Bharathiraja, for this intelligent thriller. He was a favourite director of my father. But I never enjoyed his old movies. I am happy that he churned out a movie to my liking. Everybody must watch this one for the intelligence of the director and the acting powerhouse Nana Patekar.

Note: Bommalattam is going to release in Hindi as ‘Cinema’ and in Telugu as ‘Rana’.

PS: I am a happy man now that in most of the theatres in Chennai smoking is banned. Its like hell when I move out of my seats during interval. I never liked that smell. And people are finding it tough to get in line with the rules but the theatre authorities placed security persons specifically for this. A effort that must be appreciated.

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  1. December 24, 2008 9:38 pm

    @ Kanagu : I remember watching parts of Life is Beautiful. It is not a bad watch. I guess if one goes through a really bad patch one does start to appreciate life.

    About leeches, I remember spending 20 days trekking in Nepal in the monsoons in a forest. There the leeches can sense your body heat and drop from the trees. So we had this small ball of salt wrapped in a cloth and that was immensely useful. You just put some salt over the leech and it lets go immediately. Although it causes a lot of bleeding. All of my white socks ended up pink! Forests can be really tough especially if it rains and its in the tropics.

    kanagu: I didn’t mentioned the movie is bad. It has a great second half.. but the first half maybe boring.. We must wait for the first 45 minutes for that.
    You are really lucky.. No.. I can’t put it like that. because it takes a lot of effort to plan and go to some place and doing trekking. I have never seen leeches except in that film. After your comment, Today I am thinking that I must also travel to some unknown place atleast once in a year.
    Take care while doing trekking odzer..

  2. December 25, 2008 11:35 am

    Okay.. i havent seen any of these.. shall try! 🙂

    kanagu: of these 3 watch Platoon Sakhi. Thats what I will recommend 🙂

  3. December 28, 2008 11:52 pm

    i like the movie name platoon ..
    makes me curious 😛
    will watch it ..
    Life is beautifulis good movie ..
    ther was a time zee MGM used to telecast it every week 😛

    kanagu: Surely Platoon is a beautiful movie.. hard hitting

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