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Criminals o(u)r Rulers

December 25, 2008

         Once again one of our MLA proved that they value nothing other than money and the power with  him makes him to behave like a beast. As a part of the government he is the one who must protect the lives of the people. Instead as per the news sources, he killed a man who refused to give money for his party leader birthday bash on January 15. Everybody will know what is the news I am talking about. It caught the place in the headlines of every paper and all the other parties condemning this act, rightly so. Here is the scoop of the news:

M.K.Gupta, executive engineer(PWD) was killed, and the MLA Shekhar Tiwari who was suspected to be involved in this was arrested. And there is a talk that he killed him because he refused to give the money of Rs. 50 lakhs for the birthday party of BSPs party leader Ms.Mayawati.

        With only a month has gone till the terror attacks this comes a shock. If that is National or International terrorism, this must be termed as Intranational terrorism which is more dangerous than that. The way they behaved will bring shame and fear to any Indian citizen. News has been reported that there are 32 torture marks which includes Electric shocks. It’s unimaginable. Here is the news:

Slain Public Works Department (PWD) engineer M K Gupta’s body bore 32 injury marks, while one hand was fractured. He had been given electric shocks, and his hair had been pulled out in clumps, the report revealed. Tiwari and his musclemen had allegedly barged into Gupta’s house around 2 am on Wednesday, locked up his wife in the bathroom and thrashed the engineer after stripping him. Around 5am, Tiwari carried a severely injured Gupta to the nearest police station and told the police to register a case against the engineer for “indulging in hooliganism”.

      But what we can expect from a man who has a criminal background. He already involved in the cases of kidnapping with the intent to murder and death threat. But he is not the only BSP MLA who has criminal record. There are many others who are not far behind, on par and well ahead of Shekhar Tiwari. You can find the related news here. Read this article. Because you can find most of them elected are serious offenders of law. Here is the scoop:

Chhote Singh, elected from Kalpi in Jalaun, is the main accused in cases of murder, attempt to murder and rioting; Ratanlal, elected from Babina in Jhansi, faces cases of attempt to murder, kidnapping, extortion, criminal trespass and rioting; Shekhar Tiwari, elected from Auraiya, is involved in cases of kidnapping with intent to murder and death threat; Daud Ahmad from Pihani in Hardoi has a number of cases against him in Lucknow.

    If the MLAs criminal records not threatens us then here is the criminal background of BSP MPs:

Of the 18 Lok Sabha members elected on BSP tickets in 2004, at least five are hardened criminals (Mitrasen Yadav, Brajesh Pathak, Umakant Yadav, Ramakant Yadav and Kailash Nath Singh Yadav), two others (Mohammad Tahir and Ashok Kumar Rawat) have been accused of human trafficking (better known in the local dialect as kabootarbazi) and three more (Narendra Kumar Kushwaha, Raja Ram Pal and Lal Chandra) were disqualified by the Lok Sabha Speaker on charges of demanding and accepting bribes on camera.

       So who is the reason for this? who may have stopped it? whom can we blame? Is it the people who elected these criminals? Is it the party which given the ticket to these criminals to contest? Or is it the election commission which allows the people with criminal records to contest? Will anyone believe that there is something called human rights still in UP or in our country?

       Am I too harsh at BSP? Oh then I am really sorry. I like to to be harsh against all the political parties and political system in our country. They are flexing the muscles when a illegal action needs to be done.  If they are not able not, they don’t mind killing or injuring the intruders. They are flexing the rules, if they are not able to, they are breaking it.

        Now the Samajwadi Party has called for a State-wide bandh for this killing. Do they have the right to do so? If we look into their canditates, they are also have the criminal records at a record rate of near 50%. The below news is on the fourth phase election in UP, where SP canditates leading the list:

Among the 116 candidates with pending cases who are contesting in this phase, 27 are from the Samajwadi Party, 16 from the Bharatiya Janata Party, 15 from the Congress, 12 from the Bahujan Samaj Party, and six from Rashtriya Lok Dal. Percentage wise, almost half of the SP candidates (47.36%) have pending criminal cases.

       And here is a report which says that:

The election watch going through the affidavits submitted by the canditates before the election authority, has found all the parties are culprits. The Samajwadi Party leads with roughly 35% of its canditates facing many charge-sheets, followed by Bhaujan Samaj Party with 32%, the BJP has about 30% and the congress 20%.

        So no party has the right to speak about this. Even if they speak will anyone care about it? People are having mother’s attitude, who protects and believes that his child will not do wrong, when it comes to political parties. We(include me) are not ready to question them. We always tell that we don’t have choice. Yes, we don’t have surely. If you see the above stats we can say that atleast one canditate contesting in a constituency is a criminal. Can we able to conclude that one who doesn’t have criminal record is good? Now-a-days canditates are selected on the basis of  money and musclemen he have. There is no place for a good, intelligent and hard-working man in politics.

          So what is the solution for this? A rule must be passed which doesn’t allows a canditate with criminal records or pending cases to contest in elections. This job must be given to the parties. If they fails means, the election commissiom must have right to ban that party from contesting that elections.  If the above is not possible atleast the following suggestion can be followed: Election commission must publish the criminal records of the particular canditates in the poll boths and if possible, they can telecast it.

Note: Some of the MLAs may think when I write about corruption why their names and pictures didn’t came up here.  So I want them to be different from the lot like Shekhar Tiwari, so that it will be easier for me. If I am going to put the pictures and names of all of them, I fear that I may ran out of space in wordpress 😀

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  1. December 25, 2008 7:41 pm

    chk ma blog… Santa has gt smething for u!! Here is Santa’s address…

    kanagu: Thanks Karthik. I am really honored 🙂

  2. December 25, 2008 11:40 pm

    @ Kanagu : If I should say as I have done many times that Indians are basically corrupt I would be opening myself to severe criticism. However it does not seem fair to condemn an entire nation. So lets see it this way the vast majority here are corrupt. The politicians are just an image of the larger society. Since honest, efficient and fastidious people are in a minority in the society at large you see the reflection of that in politics as well. It is not to say therefore that there are no honest Indian politicians. Corruption is a disease. The main reason for which I believe is the tendencies of our people to take the easy way out instead of doing it the right way. The fact that we are so full of people and we are competing for each and every resource does not help.

    kanagu: I like to see it in this way, odzer.. leaders are like that, so as the people. So if at the top there are correct and uncorruptible leaders means the administrators who are working under them will be good and so will be the common people.
    But the problem here is. each and every level of our society is corrupted and everybody started to live accepting it and dare to fight against it. Without a good leadership, the fight against corruption or misbehaviour is not going to happen and our next generation too will be living tolerating those so called leader’s misdaemenours. And you are right.. Easy way out… As I have always said Greed and fear are the reasons for this situation. The need of the hour is self-righteousness from every citizen.

  3. December 27, 2008 12:13 am

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  4. December 27, 2008 11:17 pm

    The other name for corruption is politicians!

    kanagu: The happenings around us made us to tag them in that name.. but they are not ashamed of it 😦

  5. December 28, 2008 3:47 pm

    Kanagu, the election commission did try to do something to stop candidates with criminal records from fighting elections but the law has to be passed by the parliament and you cannot expect politicians to pass laws against their own interests.

    kanagu: Yeah.. surely.. lokpal bill is in pending from 1965.. 😦 if it has been passed means our canditates will be somewhat intelligent if not corrupt

  6. December 28, 2008 5:15 pm

    Shame on them all!!!

    Parties like the SP, BSP, LJSP, RJD, JMM are full of notorious criminal scoundrels 😡 with multiple heinous charges against most of their MPs and MLAs while the other parties are only marginally better.

    Shame on these notorious goons!

    kanagu: 😦

  7. December 29, 2008 2:05 am


    I would like to learn Hindi ..any advice on how to go about that..Zman sends

  8. December 29, 2008 5:29 pm

    Hey im soo happy tht u have brought this up. A true eye opener! I had read about the murder. But gt to knw abt th details here! At ths hour when the nation mourns..!! Truly said..its a shame!

    kanagu: I am really happy that I am able to provide some info to you

  9. December 29, 2008 11:12 pm

    Its said that a nation deserve the politicians it gets. Maybe its time for a little introspection too…

    kanagu: It maybe true.. because in our country everybody were corrupted.. but if we go like means we will never be able to attain a higher status.. some positive change is surely needed

  10. January 3, 2009 7:18 pm

    This was my comment on blogs where 26/11 was being discussed:

    How will the government react? This is how their cabinet meeting this morning will go.

    Two minutes silence for the dead…
    Shivraj, please answer the following questions –

    Any ministers injured or dead? No
    Any MPs injured or dead? No
    Any state CMs or ministers injured or dead? No
    Any MLAs injured or dead? No
    Any former PMs or CMs injured or dead? No
    Any ‘important’ politicians not belonging to the above list injured or dead? No
    Any film stars or cricketers injured or dead? No
    Any other important media, cultural or sports personalities injured or dead? No
    Are you a zombie? Yes
    Right, we move on to the next item on the agenda.

    Meraa Bhaarat Mahaan!

    Ad majorem Die gloriam.


    kanagu: Yeah… you are absolutely right 🙂
    This is how our cabinet meetings are going on 😦

  11. January 16, 2009 4:40 pm

    Personally I would put a lovely bench so all the squirrels could use it and maybe add a mini bar and a Jacuzzi at a later date just for the wildlife though!

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