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What is your philosophy and principle?

December 29, 2008

        “We don’t want war”, “If India attacks us, we will defend and will give suitable reply”, “Ajmal is not a Pakistani”, “Give us the evidence”. These are the statements which are being said by our Pakistan counterparts from 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Oh! Pakistan’s higher administrators and officials, please stop this. We are very tired of hearing these statements. Didn’t you have any new things to say? Something, which is truth and something which will help the world and yourself. Don’t speak just to have some news on your name.

         India never said that they are going to go for a war against Pakistan, what India insists every time is action against terrorist groups and rooting out the terrorists from their soil. Instead of taking any kind of action against them, to hide from the truth that they can’t control terrorists in their soil they are now started to talk about war. With an Afghan Taliban group openly says that they will provide people to fight for Pakistan army in case of Indo-Pak war. What more information we need to conclude that there is a mutual understanding between Pakistan army and Terrorist groups.

          Ajmal has said openly in the letter he has written that he is a Pakistani. What better evidence Pakistan requires to prove his nationality? On what basis they are rejecting his letter as not evidence? Then, as they are claiming that Ajmal is not a Pakistani, what is the need for protecting the village from media which is said to be the place where his father lives? The man who said that Ajmal was his son, was nowhere in the picture after that. Will you please explain what happened to him? Is there any evidence to take action against terrorists? What kind of evidence you are expecting?

               Last week’s incident has shown on what basis they are doing the things. They allegedly claimed that an Indian spy was involved in the Lahore blasts. And on Friday a local Taliban terror group has claimed that they are responsible for the terror attacks. In order to give a tit-for-toe, they placed themselves in a worrisome situation. Will they are able to explain why they have arrested the Indian? Is there any reason to believe what they are speaking? This terror group is operating within the Pakistan land. What is the action they took against them?

              Pakistan is now crying and blaming India that they are isolating them from the world. They are being isolated because they are providing the comforts to the people who are against world peace. They are not able to justify any of their action or inaction. They just killed the hopes of all the people with irresponsible comments and behaviours.

         Now the Pakistan newspaper ‘The News International’ has quoted that in some parts of Swat valley has fallen to Taliban. And they announced that all the girls’ education will cease from January 15. They have destroyed many schools and many of the children are not going to school due to fear. They may change that valley and the whole country then into another Afghan. So Pakistan’s officials should take actions for their own good.

     India must come to bilateral talks. India should not share evidences with other nations. India or any country or UN shouldn’t ask them to ban the terrorist organizations. India shouldn’t make the other countries to pressurize Pakistan to take action against terrorism. You will not ban or take action on terrorism at any level and you don’t know where the terrorists are. And don’t jump in success that you have diverted the focus from Mumbai terrorists to war hysteria. Those terrorists are like a disease and you will find it difficult to control if it spreads across the country. Now will you please give us a detailed explanation on what is your philosophy and principle on terrorism and what you need to find the terrorists within your own country?

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  1. December 29, 2008 11:24 pm

    Pakistan’s flip-flops at various points are laughable – if they were not so serious! Initially Nawaz Sharif had come out and said that he believes that Kasab is from Pakistan – and changed his mind the very next day! Guess India cannot do much at this point apart from applying diplomatic pressure and doing what we can to ramp our own security measures!

    As for the Swat Valley having fallen to Taliban – that sounds truly dangerous.. I just hope that the rest of Pakistan does not go that way!

    kanagu: As you mentioned we have to apply diplomatic pressure on Pakistan.. because war will cause innumerable losses to both sides.. but I think Pakistan were not serious in tackling terrorists.. If they tend to go like this means we have to go for a war..

  2. December 30, 2008 1:12 am

    @ Kanagu : If Pakistan can not stop terrorist attacks in their own country how can we expect them to do anything about it here? It is laughable the position that the Indian government has taken, providing a list of so and so people and expecting their arch nemesis to just hand these people over. If the Indian government ‘knows’ where they are what have they done about it? Could they not have at least attempted to take them out by executive action?

    See its basically simple. Indians and Pakistanis both suffer from a severe case of lack of moral rectitude. They are petty and can not see beyond their egos. The only way to deal with terrorists is to take the terror to them. You can not start cross border wars with nation states over this. If you even manage to take over the whole of Pakistan (which is highly unlikely without massive destruction) you will have trouble from Taliban in Afghanistan the next day. There is no end to this. The only way is better management of internal security and taking action based on intelligence in foreign lands against the people who you know are your enemies.

    It is completely pointless to start a wrangling match through media over this.

    kanagu: I agree with you. Internal security must be improved in our country. Like America and Britain we must make sure that terror attacks will not happen again in our country.. But the perpetrators of Mumbai attacks must be punished.. and for that we have no other way than applying diplomatic pressure on Pakistan.

  3. December 30, 2008 2:32 am

    Kanagu – While Mushareff was not the best have in office because he took it by force, he kept the taliban at bay. Now with the resurgence of the taliban in most of N Aghanistan a potentially deadly situation exists for a heave taliban presence in N an Cent Pakistan. I think the UN forces are losing ground in Afghan, so India’s situation in becoming more doubt in my mind Indian military should pick up arms over this…Zman sends

    kanagu: We can’t say Taliban was not there during Musharraf reign. But they are now growing in numbers there, which is not at all good for anybody in this world.. and who better than Pakistan can stop their growth..
    Picking up arms is a easier thing.. but we have to think about nuclear weapons.. as both countries were having that

  4. December 30, 2008 9:58 am

    Franckly i am sick and tired of these talks!! No use, i am really not sure about the war but yes, economic restrictions can surely be put on Pakistan… We need solid willed politicians who put nation before self, but alas!! 😦

    kanagu: Me too sick about talking about our politicians.. so that only I am refraining from writing about them.. But war should be the last option..

  5. December 30, 2008 10:28 am

    America should not be trespassing on the lands of others to fight against “Terrorism”. Nor should the Government be spying on and suspending habeas corpus for the people of America to stop “Terrorism”. WE are not a threat.

    Watch this for a better perspective:

    kanagu: Optionism welcome here.
    America must know its limits.. there is no two different opinions

  6. Pradeep permalink
    December 31, 2008 12:59 am

    We were lucky that we had Nehru who insisted our Army should be under the politicians. But Pak simply didn’t have that luck. And, they are paying for it now. If Army there recedes to the background Pakistan will be okay.

    It’s simple. Army is ruthless. Pak army will naturally be anti-India just as Indian Army is anti-Pak. You can’t allow an army to decide the nation’s policies. It should be by the people. Pak army should step aside and allow Zardari and Gillani to decide on the course of their country.

    If you remember, Zardari was initiating many progressive, peaceful policies concerning trade and cultural ties with India and also on Kashmir. Soon 26/11 happened.

    kanagu: Welcome here Pradeep 🙂
    I agree with you completely. Their political leaders are overlooked by their Army generals. So that they are suffering till now 😦

  7. December 31, 2008 3:31 am

    We should give Pakistan the benefit of the doubt. The country just has a democratically elected government after many years under a dictatorship. It will take time for this new government to find its strides and break itself free from the extremists. India must understand this and be prudent in its actions.

    kanagu: But the cost to the Pakistan finding its feet is really high. Leave those lost properties. But the lives of 200 people were lost and there must be some amount of accountability from their side. Now it has been proved that perpetrators are from Pakistan. I still hope they will take some rigrous action against them.

  8. December 31, 2008 9:36 pm

    Happy New Year Kanagu 🙂 Will read post and comment later..Gotta go ..

    kanagu: Thanks Nimmy 🙂
    Read at your leisure time 🙂

  9. January 3, 2009 6:51 pm

    I dunno what to say…

    Our government talks so much. Do they put their words into action? Hell. Has the coastal security ‘improved’? And heard what a couple of our ‘wonderful’ politicians had to say? I can go on…

    Yes… The Pakistan has proved to be a hypocrite with some of her statements. High time we address our internal issues *first* and then tackle our neighbour.

    For one thing, I *know* a couple of Pakistani nationals, thanks to Blogger. And it feels so wonderful interacting with them! I mean… When people of our age can exchange ideas, have fun, and share stuff with such dignity, what the f*#k is wrong with the rest of the people..???

    Why such malice? I find it so damn ludicrous!

    It is but appalling that our governments (yes, Pakistan & India) are not comprised of sane people. Period.

    Good post.


    (Forgive the expletive. It is *rare* that I mouth off…)

    kanagu: You have got that right Kartz. Before asking the Pakistan to terminate the terror activities from their land, we must ensure that necessary safety measures are done in our country. It is the responsibility of both the politicians and administrators in the power. The 13 attacks happened in our country during last year, has showed that there is no infrastructure for security in our country. By hiring the best of the people for those posts we can plan well and move ahead in terms of security of the nation 🙂

  10. January 4, 2009 3:41 pm

    It would be better to guard our own house because there is no point screaming with evidence in our hands. I just hope that Pakistan don’t end up like Afganistan, because its the common man who suffers at the end.

    kanagu: Right Amit.. we must enhance our security system.. but If pakistan becomes another Afghanistan means it will be a problem to everybody.. let us hope their officials will take necessary steps

  11. January 5, 2009 3:11 pm

    As a nation we have gotten too used to just reacting to things. We knew Pakistan sponsors terrorism, we knew we can be hit by terrorists training across the border, but what were we doing about it?

    Today our govt is blaming Pakistan and has very effectively shifted the blame from itself to them. As a citizen of India, should I be pissed with Manmohan and co or with Zardari and the gang?

    I know my leaders didnt do anything to prepare us against terrorists. Even today I dont have the confidence that they are doing anything to prevent such attacks in future.

    We must be proactive. Lets not even bother what Pakistan thinks about the evidence. Does our govt have faith in the evidence, is it acting based on it? What action has our govt taken?

    kanagu: First thing is, we don’t have proper security system in our country, expect for those so-called VIP people.. Without our security being improved, its impossible to stop these attacks.. Even I don’t have faith in the steps taken by our government 😦

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