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Bye-bye 2008….. Hello 2009

December 31, 2008

400_f_7973703_sksolqmdwhblmmzoihdpczwi1fo2uipc            The year 2008 is nearly come to an end. Only few hours to go. Hoping not much will happen in next 2 1/2 hours I am posting my year 2008’s experiences. So as a person I feel that this year is a happy one for me if not productive. I had lot of things to do in mind, when I started this year. But the things are happened not according to my script, but it took its own. I am not going to complain about that as one of the best things is introduced to me,( I didn’t find that) blogging. I have bought some goods which I had in my mind for more than 3 years, though they are very simple ones. So let me check how I fared in some of the roles I have played in the last year.

In personal front:

      dsc07697  There is not much to feel sorry or to complain, as I was very happy throughout the year except some weeks. I have been able to get in touch with many of my friends and the bonding is grown stronger with some of my friends. I am able to meet them whenever they are here in Chennai. There is always happiness in home, no problems were there that will affect anybody. This is not a year in which I have met many peoples as in 2007(Training). In office, the relationship with all my colleagues is really good. All are good people and I am glad to know about some more good people who are working in other projects too in my floor. But one thing I regret is, even though I shared a good rapport with my training mates last year, the same is not able to be continued this year. There are times, when we are able to say just hi, as we are passing by. The blame is on ourselves for this situation. And I don’t think it will improve. Everybody of us were scattered and no time to think about anybody. But today I have received some forward mails from them wishing happy new year. It made me to smile as somehow they remebered me.

     I always wanted to stay away from my home, to learn things in life and to dsc07790do every thing of mine by myself. This year I have stayed with my friends, returning to my home on weekends only. But that didn’t make any difference; I don’t think I have leaned anything new. Disappointing one. But the friends in my room make me forget those things.

Plan for 2009: I must keep my family happier than ever and also I must maintain the contacts with all my friends and more importantly not allowing it to deteriorate.

 In professional front:

          dsc07819It has been a year I am with my project. Something I am still learning as there is heck lot of stuff. I am able to improve my knowledge on technology in which I am working on. Lot of people helped me to learn new things. Without them it would have been hard for me. I must thank those It is a great team, in which I am enjoying much. But there is lot of room for improvement. First thing, I need to focus more.

Plan for 2009: As I have already mentioned there is lot to improve and I am going to be more determined to give my best.

Places I have visited:

        dsc07836  I have visited only two places this year. By May, a 2-days of tour to temples with my family. I can call it as an regular trip as we will go to that temples by every year. But this year I found it enjoyable. Visited the Murugan temple in Tiruchendur and some temples specific to our family(In tamil, they will say it as Kulatheivam). I don’t have photos for this.

         Next one is with my project mates to Gingee fort and boating in ECR,Mudhaliyakuppam(both are new to me). Its only for a day. But I stilldsc07958 have lot of fresh memories on that with me. I never thought it will be as enjoyable as it turned out to be. I have also liked that place. A very scenic place. It made me wonder how they built a fort like that by 13th century. You can see the pictures of this place all over this post. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Some goods I have bought are:

  1. January: A TV to replace my older TV which is only 2 years younger to me. It accompanied me all these 20 years. Now I safely placed it in the loft. A precious one according to me. I have also bought a DVD player.
  2. July: A new mobile Sony ericsson W810i. A dream for me from 4th year of Engineering. A dsc00107perfect camera and I love hearing songs with it. A cool company.
  3. August: A new PC. I love my PC very much and bought a 19″ screen for the purpose of watching films 😛 And I am enjoying the experience. My dad also loves to watch movie using the PC 🙂 This is my monitor. It is nice, right 🙂

Plan for 2009: I have planned to buy a camera and a bike in this year. And I have kept my brand of choices open until now.

Action Points for 2009:

  1.  My preparation for MBA entrance is still in the stage (not started), as dsc07933in the last year. I have to start preparing for it.
  2. I have planned to visit an unseen place in a year. Odzer was my inspiration for this.
  3. We are arranging for a get-together for our class this January. Hope we will succeed in it.

         There are some things in my list to do. I will share it with you once I start doing them. I wish you all a very happy new year. Take care of your health.  And have loads of fun and success in 2009 🙂

PS: How will I  forget my experience as blogger? I will post it by tomorrow 🙂

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  1. December 31, 2008 9:45 pm

    Kanagu….MBA is great goal I wish you all the luck in the world..have a happy and very safe new year..Zman sends

    kanagu: Thanks Steve 🙂

  2. December 31, 2008 9:48 pm

    A very happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours…


    Will read-up on what I have missed very soon.

    kanagu: Thank you Kartz 🙂

  3. January 1, 2009 8:16 am

    Happy New Year Kanagu!

    May all ur wishes come true and ya all the best for mba prep!

    PS: I mailed to ur id which u provide while commenting on my posts!

    kanagu: Thanks Sahaja 🙂
    As my mail id is too long, you may have mistyped it 🙂
    No probs 🙂

  4. January 1, 2009 10:39 am

    Hi Kanagu,
    Wish you and your family a Very Happy New Year 2009! May all your wishes come true and have fun!

    kanagu: Welcome here, Gopinath 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

  5. January 1, 2009 1:31 pm

    Wish you all the luck in the new year and may all your wishes be granted.

    kanagu: Thanks Prerna 🙂

  6. January 1, 2009 3:55 pm

    Oh you have been on a shopping spree in a recession year. Thanks for keeping the economy afloat. Yeah you should travel around. Life is only that long and if your spirit can take away some experiences and enrich itself than your purpose is solved. We are here only for these experiences right?

    kanagu: That’s right Odzer. That’s why I have taken it as a resolution. Now I started planning 🙂
    Keeping economy afloat.. LOL :LOL: A small thing I am able to do 🙂

  7. January 1, 2009 7:31 pm

    May 2009 be far more fun filled and fulfilling that last eyar .. and good luck with u r mba plans .. cheers

    kanagu: Welcome here, Bhargavi 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

  8. January 1, 2009 11:23 pm

    இனிய புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்! 🙂

    kanagu: Thanks Raj 🙂

  9. January 2, 2009 8:45 am

    A clear description of what happened and what you want to happen in future. So, wishing you all the best for all your aspirations in 2009.

    Destination Infinity

    kanagu: Thanks DI. Wishing you the same 🙂

  10. January 2, 2009 10:02 pm

    hmmm a camera and a bike hmmm

    travel alot on your bike and take lots of pics using ur camera.. dont forget to put the pics on ur blog 🙂

    All the best…

    kanagu: Surely I will tell you when I buy them and will upload the pics 🙂

  11. January 4, 2009 7:54 am

    Iniya puthaandhu vaalthukkal kanagu!!!

    kanagu: Thanks Karthik 🙂

  12. January 4, 2009 1:47 pm

    19 inch monitor…thats cool ..i will buy buy something like that ..
    Even i have w 810i 🙂

    Happy new year dude ..

    kanagu: W810i that’s cool..
    Thanks for the wishes 🙂

  13. January 4, 2009 5:02 pm

    your computer is nice! and MBA…hmmm…lots of hard work! I am sure you will crack it.
    Best of luck and a happy new year!!

    kanagu: Thanks for your wishes Amit 🙂

  14. January 5, 2009 12:11 pm

    a very happy new year to you!! 🙂

    I wishyou can buy a bike and the camera you want!! 🙂 [or somebody gifts you 😉 ]

    kanagu: Thanks for the wishes Sakhi 🙂
    Hope it happens 😉 I will be happy if I get any one thing as gift 🙂

  15. January 10, 2009 4:20 am

    wish you a happy new year 🙂

    kanagu: Thank you 🙂

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