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Recognition for what? Name or Fame or Talent?

February 3, 2009

        After reading the comments on my previous post ‘Time to take the big stride‘ from Nimmy, I have thought a lot  and here is my take about the Padma Shri awards given away by the government to Sports persons and film stars. There are some people who deserved them, some people who have added for namesake and some people who were deserved the award been left out.

            I don’t know what the award committee has to say about choosing Aishwarya Rai for the prestigious award. Is acting in handful of films is enough to fetch an award? I don’t think she acted well enough even to fetch a state  award. She has never ever created something. Is shedding the clothes and running around the trees with the male co-stars is enough to fetch an award means then each and every actor/actress has the qualification to get the award.

          There are many other creators who are taking films with purpose and substance. Why they are not been awarded? There are many short film makers who are taking many meaningful films but there is no recognition for them. Is this is an award only for those in limelight? Or to take a note and recognize the talents?

         Another controversial decision is about giving award to Harbhajan Singh. What he has done until now to the game of cricket? He has already fast losing his wicket abilities and puts his attendance in every possible controversy, be it slapping a fellow cricketer, bashing the opponents … Will anybody from the awarding committee can explain what is really going through their mind?

        MS Dhoni also has got the award. I accept, he is performing consistently and leading the team well. But at the end of the year only he has assumed the captaincy of Test team and he has been presented with the award now. If leading the team well deserves award then people who are using their individual brilliances to win the medals for India in the world stage also deserve the award.

        There are other sports in which Indians were performing very well.

  • Last year was a golden year for Indian pugilists. They put up a good fight in Olympics, in which Vijender Singh has grabbed a bronze. They have also done well in world boxing championship, but the assistance from the government for them is zero. Akhil Kumar has been the mentor for many Indian boxers and why he is ignored. If Dhoni deserves award means then he too deserves it.
  • Saina Nehwal was performed very well in the badminton throughout the last year and has a place in top-10 now.
  • In shooting, not many know that Gagan Narang has won in world shooting championship. His win is not at all made as news. Is he not qualified for the award?
  • Sushil Kumar won a bronze in Olympics. Is it is not enough to give the award to him? If Harbhajan deserves it means then he too deserve it.

         How many of us know that in Kabadi we are the world champions. They will not encourage them and in due course India will lose their edge there too. Nobody from Kabadi team were there in the list. On the decline many will cry and then the graveyard will be shown to that.

         And Nobody is there to support hockey. No encouragement is given to the players and now everybody started to talk about giving the national game tag to Cricket. If at all that happens means, then the chapter of hockey will be closed completely. I don’t know how many of us know that there is a hockey tournament is now going on in India. 

         I am a fan of cricket. There is no denying it. But I am also a lover of all other sports. I am interested in hockey, football, tennis and many others. Why the crores and crores of money were going into cricket only? There are many other sports to be developed and still our whole nation is focusing only on Cricket. 

          I can remember till my 8th or 10th standard DD metro telecasted the tennis matches of grand slam and the world cup football. But now they are having a separate channel for sports. And what they are doing with that? No live telecast of any matches. And now only I have remembered that there is a channel called DD sports and its primary duty is telecast the sports. They can telecast hockey, tennis and football matches so that the children can watch and develop interest in those sports. Cases are being filed in court if the cricket matches are not telecasted in doordarshan. Why Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza’s mixed doubles final match in the recently concluded Australian open was not telecasted? Which country they are representing? Same is the situation for Davis cup matches. Is it not important for a country? An ATP tennis event is happening in India and they are not telecasting it. I think for the first few years they have telecasted in DD.

        Now cricket doesn’t need any kind of support. It has enough money and name to stand by itself. But every other game needs a great deal of money, support and encouragement from government to survive. It will not happen until they promote and the young players are groomed well. But the chances of happening of above are unlikely as of now, as the cricket dinosaur is just swallowing everything.

       We are giving awards to name and fame and not for talents. So that only every tom, dick and harry were getting the award in this country. Unless we recognize the talents  we are going to suffer  in everything, be it in economy, development or sports, we will be scratching at the bottom.

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  1. February 3, 2009 12:02 pm

    Wow,excelltn psot..You ahve said it all beautifully ,in points…

    I like Aishwarya,but she is a stupid actress who shows actions only with eyes..

    Forget it,may in the list of those selected for the award don’t deserve it..Read about a Kashmiri exporter getting the award for art..lollllllllllllllllllllllll

    Aish got award by Congress,thru Amar singh,for AB appeasement..Maybe they even paid for it..Such is our system..Now that Aish has got Padmasree,she is getting ready for contesting in election…what a pathetic state of affairs..

    It is really sad that deserving people.especially the medal winners even didn’t get it..Damn it,who now wants Padma sree,its valuse all has gone…

    kanagu: This nation is crazy about stars.. they don’t care about the talent at all… Politics is become field for everybody who money or fame..
    It’s really sad to be critical on our own nation 😦

    And Thanks Nimmy for the appreciation 🙂

  2. February 3, 2009 2:51 pm

    Amazing… but i feel there are a lot of ppl who dont deserve this award…

    kanagu: I too have the same feel 😦

  3. February 3, 2009 7:40 pm

    Can Aishwarya act???

    Frankly speaking I have never believed in these awards and thus am least bothered with them. With the kind of politicians we have there is nothing left to expect.

    I guess there are far better things we should concentrate on, what say?

    kanagu: Yeah, you are right. But these are high profile awards and must be given to right as a recognition. But that is not happening here 😦

  4. Vin permalink
    February 4, 2009 10:34 pm

    nicely expressed a collective anguish..Padmashree has gone to the dogs..its a degrading platform now..very sad n angry to hear abt the winners n the conspiracies behind them

    kanagu: Thanks Vinnie 🙂
    Yeah.. that how our system works.. so sad 😦

  5. February 4, 2009 11:44 pm

    Great post! These awards have become quite worthless!

    kanagu: Yes Raj 😦

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