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India is a Secular country: Please understand BJP party

February 10, 2009

         It doesn’t look like BJP has understood the core value of India and it was just insisting and showing up its party’s ideologies as India’s ideologies. Lot of things were happened last week which made me to think like whether we need a party like BJP in our country. They are reluctant, irresponsible, doesn’t look like interested in reaching out to the people…. Let me give some events happened over last week:

       When a daughter of a MLA was being abducted and beaten up by a group of activists we can realize how safe we are in our country. And she has been beaten up for talking with a boy belongs to Muslim religion who seems to be her brother’s friend. After realizing that she was a daughter of a MLA they left her and beaten up the boy black and blue. This incident has been happened in Mangalore in state of Karnataka. Here is the complete news.

     Shruthi, the daughter of CPM MLA from Manjeshwar in Kerala C H Kunhambu, was attacked allegedly by a group of Bajrang Dal activists when she was returning to her hostel in Mangalore after a brief holiday at home on Friday evening. More…
       Am I surprised? Certainly, not. This incident was happening after the attack on the girls in a pub. The way the miscreants of that attack were treated was absolutely wrong (releasing them in bail within a week). And that encouraged these activists to do any kind of moral policing. The way these activists just make us to question: Are we living in a secular and democratic country? The BJP government in Karnataka was never seems to be in a hurry to end these incidents. Most interestingly, even anyone from the central government has not condemned these attacks. Only Women and Child development Minister Renuka Choudhary(atleast she has voiced against this!!!) has came out at full blast at this atrocities. Here are her words against the miscreants:

 “The state government is not in control of the law and order situation… Talibanisation is happening. There is a clean communal divide where a Hindu girl is prevented from talking to a Muslim boy…it is a very dangerous trend,There is a breakdown of law and order in Karnataka and I think we should look at it as a national security problem”


          Even she went overboard when she suggested that the only way to tackle moral police was to launch a ‘pub bharo andholan. The news is here. Will she go or allow anyone from his family to go to pub? Even though going to pub is based on one’s self interest it is not a good one. So leaders, please refrain from making comments at the heat of the moment.

       Coming to our hero, Karnataka’s home minister A S Acharya, he said in a reply to Kerala’s MLA, girl’s father, as follows: “What can we do if some goonda elements do it? The father should be grateful that his daughter came back home”. He is defending his statement by saying that this was his advice as a parent. He also added that “Teenagers should be taken care of their parents. The state cannot do it. Parents, too, have a responsibility – a greater one – in preventing such incidents.” So for what the hell you are having police in the state? To register the complaints and to plainly act as a spectators? Or Just for the namesake? Is this not a severe law and order problem? Is it not a government’s responsibility to protect its citizens? As per the ministers remarks every parent must go with their children wherever they go or else they should appoint a security personnel for their children. He may also claim that by doing this we can create more jobs 🙂

       As the father of the daughter was a MLA this incident has came out. If at all, it happened to an ordinary man, will it be come out? This is the second time A S Acharya has given the words like ‘pearl’ when the law and order of the sate was in complete disarray. After the church attack, his gem of words which will worth ‘GOLD’:

      “Why the fuss? Have there been any deaths? Not a single person is dead. As a home minister I have passed in first class.”

       Then he was saying that implementing Ombudsman kind of system to regulate media. So what he is thinking? To bring about a dictattorial kind of leadership here. Media’s reported what was happend and he was not even able to face their criticism for his inabilities. Will he accept a Ombudsman system for the politicians? Just to remind him, Lokpal bill was in long due in the parliment to be implemented. If  at all everything in this country needs to free and fair, first try to enact it. Then we can come to medias. Here is his interview.

           We can assume how knowledgeable he was and I am wondering who has made him as Home Minister. So if he had to take action somebody must be killed. Else he will not consider it as a problem. These kinds of remarks are like blindly supporting those actions. Why the Chief Minister of Karnataka was not sacking him for his insensitive statements?

         Then come the Karnataka CMs advisor, who said that attacks were small incidents. What can I do to him? People’s safety is not a big issue. Then for what the hell you are running the government? Just to get the salary and enjoy all the government amenities. Just get a glimpse of what he has said:

“When we have bigger problems to tackle, why is the media making a big issue of small incidents like the Mangalore pub attack

or the attack on Manjeshwar MLA’s daughter?”…..More..

      Another incident in which the BJP’s party head Rajnath Singh has told to his party cadres that

  Jahan tak Ram Janambhoomi ka sawal hai, koi ma ka lal Bhagwan Ram me hamari aastha aur nishta ko hila nahi sakta (No one can shake BJP’s faith and reverence to Lord Ram).”… more 

            In contrast to this, BJP’s Prime Minister Candidate L.K.Advani has said that they will not indulge in vote bank politics. Then the statement given by Rajnath Singh comes under which category? Development or Welfare. Let the people from BJP will explain that.

       The BJP must understand India is a secular country and must refrain from making such religious remarks and supporting those Sri Rama Sena and Bajrang Dal activists. If you are about to do any good to the people of India just ban those organisations. What we are expecting from you are good governance, development and ensuring the safety of the public and not the building of temples. I think we have enough temples and gods to safeguard us and not a single responsible, people caring leader.

Source: Times of India

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  1. February 11, 2009 12:30 am

    good one dude….
    Yes, we dont need the bajrang and ramsena to protect Hinduism…..

    it is time for the real Hindu to stand up… and also for the real Indian….

    kanagu:They didn’t know what it really means to be a Hindu… Hinduism never preached violence…. these thugs taking everything for granted.. It’s time to show them the door

  2. February 11, 2009 2:06 am

    All these politicians should be shot and the survivors should be bombed ! 😀

    kanagu: LOL 😆
    Thats what not happening here 😦

  3. February 11, 2009 5:07 am

    Can we have a democracy please? The real one where we choose our leaders? Also, can all political parties agree on passing the decree against criminals in politics. Election Commission has it ready but our parties never pass it and President cannot sign it. Then can we audit all our politicians. How on Earth is Amar Singh donating millions to Clinton foundation? What does Amara babu do?


    kanagu: With everybody were criminals how will they pass it? It will be like a thief was accepting his crime.. I have written lot about our politicians corruption and crimian l records but for no use… 😦

  4. February 11, 2009 7:44 am

    What the F has happened to my country was my question last week. Then realised as of now nothing can be done, but in few years time this can be changed, till then we have to wait…

    kanagu: What is going to change Lancelot.. nothing, nothing… if the one who at the top is a criminal, then everybody will be like a criminal… A drastic change needs to happen

  5. February 11, 2009 4:47 pm

    @ Kanagu : When I come down south we are definitely hitting a few pubs 🙂

    Anyway these guys are just losers. That home minister fellow that says no one has died yet needs to be lynched though. So unless someone is dead everything is okay?

    kanagu: We have to set some eligibility criteria for our ministers else it’s not going to change… this home minister S***S

  6. Vin permalink
    February 11, 2009 8:11 pm

    Kanagu, imagine the havoc if BJP controls everything abt our country…an absolute breakdown surely

    they need a death in order to take any steps, great!!!

    kanagu: ahem…
    These BJP guys are going overboard for sure

  7. February 11, 2009 8:40 pm

    I wonder what would have been the response if the MLA belonged to their party.

    kanagu: If he is a BJP MLA in Kerala also they will say like that… our politicians are divided across the states… to justify themselves they will go any length even they are from a single party 😦

  8. Chirag permalink
    February 11, 2009 9:03 pm

    Absolutely fantastic, said it correctly. It is quite appalling listening to these guys defend their stance of the basic security laws and their inability to control a smaller section of anti-society elements. And what really hurts is the fact that these guys are really incompassionate towards people in general.

    kanagu: Thanks Chirag 🙂
    Ahem.. Ahem to your comments

  9. February 11, 2009 11:17 pm

    Dude… I tell you. These jackasses have completely forgotten what the word *secular* means. Huh! And they call themselves “custodians of our culture”. Bah! Hogwash!


    kanagu: I am accepting it Kartz…. these guys never qualified to be our leaders…

  10. February 13, 2009 2:28 am

    They are nothing but the “Hindu Taliban”. Shame on them! 😡

    kanagu: Hindu Taliban 😦

  11. February 13, 2009 2:46 am

    The buffoonary begins!!!

    kanagu: LOL

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