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Improper handling of Valuables

February 16, 2009

                We know how much effort was required to clear a civil service examination. Without sheer will and hard work no one can achieve their dream of becoming an IAS or IPS officers. After putting in such effort they have to move to different parts of this country to serve, which will be dictated by the government (politicians). Do you think that they were taking this profession just for money? I don’t think so. There were easiest ways to make money than becoming an IAS officer. It can be because of the respect they command, but I am damn sure that 90% of the officers won’t look for money, when start their IAS careers. If we see who are becoming IAS or IPS officers, they will be mostly from economically backward families. After seeing their surroundings, in which the many people will suffer they take this examination to do serve the country and change the living condition of those people. From my point of view, they are the best brains available for a government to develop this nation. But was that happening here? Have they been utilized properly? If we look into the below incident, we can imagine the treatment given by the government to them.

              This was an incident which was happened in Tamil Nadu a week ago. I am going to give some information that will make you to understand the gist.

What happened?

          The government of Tamilnadu has issued a charge memo against one of the senior IAS officer C. Umashankar. He was recently shunted out of state cable TV service, Arasu Cable TV Corporation. on January 7, he, in a controversial letter to the government, recommended the nationalisation of SCV for its alleged “rowdy and illegal” activities. On January 23, the officer was shown the door out of the Arasu Cable Corporation.

Why the charge memo?

      The memo issued, charges the IAS officer with having canvassed a job for his wife in the US based company, Tessolve, with which “he had dealings” during his stint as the head of the Electronic Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT). It is a violation of Indian Administrative Service rules.

But the fact:

       The “dealings” under scanner are land allotments in the Madurai( A Tamilnadu city) IT park to Tessolve when Umashankar was the ELCOT head. However, it is learnt that the 2.5-acre land was allotted to Tessolve only after a Cabinet nod through a September 28, 2007 government order. Also, when Tessolve sought a loan from the state-owned Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation (TIIC) in October, 2008, Umashankar had informed the government that his wife was working as an HR executive in the semiconductor-making company. And the TIIC had not sanctioned loan for the company. In December, Umashankar’s wife is said to have quit the company after a six-month stint.

When it came?

         The charge memo comes days after the bureaucrat publicly took on the Kalanithi Maran-owned Sumangali Cable Vision (SCV), for alleged widespread slashing of the optic fibre cables of the Arasu Cable TV optic fibre in several parts of Tamil Nadu, especially Vellore and Coimbatore. The cable cutting had resulted in revenue and subscriber loss to the Government cable TV services, to the tune of over Rs 15 crore, Mr.Umashankar Reported.

Real Reason:

   He was now seems to be(exactly) acting against the SCV from the ruling party’s view(but he is really pointing out the mistakes) and now thrown out for personal reasons.

Why he was handpicked by ‘DMK’:

      Umashankar, as additional collector, had exposed irregularities in the construction of cremation sheds during the Jayalalithaa regime in 1995. Then he was handpicked by Karunanidhi himself to take on the collectorship of his home district of Tiruvarur and more recently to head the ELCOT and the Arasu Cable Corporation.

         Sun TV is owned by Kalanidhi Maran, who belongs to the family of Tamilnadu CM M.Karunanidhi. Until last December they have problem between them and CM has ordered the functioning of Arasu Cable TV, to which he was protested when the previous AIADMK government brought this, to end the monopoly of SCV in Cable TV industry (don’t think that this has been brought for the welfare of the people. It was also a past of the political game). Now you would have understood why the government has taken action against him.

      And also if we look around, each time a new party forms a government we can see the changes in higher officer positions also. Are they changed because of less efficiency? Yes, 40 years before. But now what the government wants is, an officer who is faithful to them, one who is favorable to them and who opposes the opposition party. If they are not, then they have to serve in less significant positions. Whenever something goes wrong they are the one who will be sacked first. No ministers or chief minister will resign from their post. If they do the things, which are correct against the will of them, they will be thrown out to some remote areas. After seeing these politicians underground works, they can’t voice out their opinions. Because it’s not about job, it will become a life issue. We can say that they are irresponsible by allowing money to play in the tenders and all. But ultimately they can’t do much, as a knife is always hanging around their neck. Everybody must understand that they too have family and their own life. They haven’t signed in any pact that they are ready to die.

       Is this a way we have to treat our higher officials? Is it right to allow to control the best brains with the criminal brain? There are MLAs and MPs in our country who are not even completed their school or college not to say about their unwillingness to serve the people and they are controlling these highly qualified professionals. Its time to think about how can we efficiently use the services of our officers? Isn’t it?

  • First thing one must ensure is, they must be judged by their work and they must be free from these political thugs.
  • A committee must be formed, which consist of former IAS and IPS officers to evaluate their performance.
  • If a government sacks or transfers any officers, they must provide the reason in public.

           But the above said things will happen, only if the present criminals enact some laws regarding that. Now you can understand how crazy I am, when talking about the above reforms.

Sources: Television Point, Times of India

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  1. February 16, 2009 11:17 pm

    The IAS and IPS and even the IFS officers etc. are expected to be the sllaves of the politicians and other lobbies. If everyone around them want to cheat and make quick bucks, what could they alone do? As long as the citizens don’t understand that shortcuts don’t work on a long term, it is difficult to restore the position of these officers.

    Destination Infinity

    kanagu: You are right DI. It’s a responsibility of everybody and everybody must execute it.. but things are looking good now.. 😦

  2. February 17, 2009 5:11 am

    MAn this guy is a real gem like Tamil Anbu… I had the opportunity of interacting with him for one hour when I was in Thanjavur,…and what the DMK and Kalaignar does is atrocity…

    kanagu: You are lucky to meet him Lancelot.. but if any officer is straight, he will be broken by these politicians 😦

  3. February 17, 2009 5:50 pm

    Indian political system is as rotten as it could get!! I swear.. even people like him think to do something, they wont be allowed to~!

    kanagu: Thats the sad truth Verbi 😦

  4. February 17, 2009 10:23 pm

    🙂 great post, Kanagu!
    nothing will change here, its pathetic..only new generation kids can be taught abt personal values n we can hope to build a corruption free India

    kanagu: Thanks Vinnie 🙂
    I don’t know how the things are going change.. after all our kids has to drew some inspiration from somewhere.. but who is here to inspire????

  5. Chirag permalink
    February 18, 2009 12:40 pm

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Once in power the game changes drastically for personal gain. Sad but true.

    kanagu: 😦

  6. February 18, 2009 3:27 pm

    The tango between the Marans and the Karunanidhis always makes me laugh… 😆

    Good on again, mate. And as Vin said – pathetic. We can hope, for the best.


    kanagu: Thanks Kartz 🙂
    they are the real clowns of Tamilnadu.. and we are watching them taking the center-stage 😦

  7. February 18, 2009 7:04 pm

    Yeah, how true – puppets to power. Nothing can change!

    Nice post. Keep Blogging!!

    kanagu: Thanks Biju 🙂
    Its pathetic 😦

  8. February 20, 2009 12:02 pm

    I missed this thanks to all the other issues, but thanks for bringing it to my notice. Pathetic is the word to describe the politicisation of administrative services. Even the Election Commission of India has not been spared.

    I guess Mr. Umashankar character can be judged from this post. Hounded out and disliked by both the highly antagonistic regimes, he must be an officer of integrity indeed!

    kanagu: If both the parties were rejecting him, then we can assume he was the one who was doing some good to the people 😛
    Our each and every level of administration is rotten by this bloody politicians :X

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