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Law and Order – errrrrrrrrrrred

February 22, 2009

                If the fight show was staged by the students inside the law college during last November, their seniors were not far behind. They have been doing this for past 1 week in the court campus, and it has reached its climax (don’t know whether that’s the end) on Thursday, this time they have been joined by the police, who were acted as spectators during the clash between the students. They not only took part in this, but played in equal role to the lawyers. But the sad thing was this was a black mark on both the police department and the lawyers.


              Its all started when they have pelted Subramaniaya Swami with rotten eggs on Tuesday, when he came to appear for a case he has filed. They have locked the court room where the hearing was happening and started to pelt the eggs at him in front of the judge. They have left the place after some hard words from the Judge. Here is the complete news.

My views:

            It was said to be they have attacked Swami due to his anti-LTTE stand. However different opinions they have about it, they have no rights to attack him. Already they were protesting in support of the Srilankan Tamils (I condemn their pro-LTTE stand) by not attending the court and they were also preventing other lawyers who want to go to court and take up the cases. The Chennai High Court has been functioned for only 10 days in this year. It was like a goondaism.


              Then arrived the D-day. On Thursday, when police went to arrest the lawyers who involved in the attack on Swami, lawyers have demanded the police to file a case against Swami for his caste remarks on a lawyer. Police has filed and when they proceeded to arrest the lawyers, all the lawyers were protested. And when the police started to proceed, lawyers were started to pelt the stone at the police and police too started to throw stones at them!!!!! Then police started to indulge in lathi charge and hit the lawyers and damaged some of their vehicles. Lawyers were also equal to the task, damaging the police vehicles and set ablaze the police station inside the court. The attack on the lawyers has caused waves among their community in the other districts of Tamilnadu. Some has torched the police vehicles and buses in their locality showing their angst. Nobody has accepted their crime till now and everybody were pointing their fingers at the opposite camp. Supreme Court has ordered for a CBI probe to know what is really happened. Tamilnadu CM has said that there will be political backing for this incident and this was all happening to make his government to topple. Everybody must forget this incident and move on. You can read the news here..

   Watch that shameful event here:

My views:

  • This was a very shameful incident happened. Police and lawyers attacking each other like a mob group forgetting that they are the ones who have protect the law and order in country.
  • It seems to be lawyers were having zero tolerance when it comes to controlling their emotions. Already their attack on Swami was unacceptable and they shouldn’t have protested and attacked police, when police went to arrest the miscreants.
  •  If we relate the students clash and this incident, we can understand that Law College environment was in a very volatile condition and the physical attacks were common among themselves.
  • Reports were telling that police has went into the court without the permission from High Court registrar. They should have planned this arrest in a better way without entering the court premises. They had many instances to arrest them. But they have chosen the least possible option. When attacking they have intentionally damaged the vehicles belong to lawyers which clearly shows that they have some(it could be more) enmity between them and this is not the behavioral way expected at them.
  • Lawyers have damaged the police jeeps and torched the police station and nobody has said sorry about that. It’s a public property and didn’t they have sense while doing that. For what the hell they have studied law for 5 years and practicing for the following years. A thing that should be known to a common man wassn’t known by the lawyers.
  • The bar council association of Tamilnadu which should have stripped the membership of the lawyers who are all indulged in the violence, hasn’t done that. Instead, they were demanding the removal of DGP, COP and the other officials. They are also demanding compensation for damages done to the vehicles of lawyers. They are reluctant to call the head of police ministry as he is the Tamilnadu CM. Are they going to pay the amount for the damages caused by the lawyers to the public property? They are directly supporting their violent activities. Somebody must remind them that this is not the time to show their unity. Why the respective authority can’t dissolve it, which is going against the integrity and security of the nation?
  • The government which must have arrested the lawyers who have torched the buses and police vehicles and caused damage to the public property hasn’t done that yet. They fear that this may backlash at them during the coming elections. Police has just filed the case against them. I know this case will go nowhere.
  • Opposition party leaders were calling this as a well executed attack carried out by the police. They were not ready to condemn the illegal acts of lawyers, as the lawyers were protesting for the Srilankan Tamils cause. We can now know what kind of things they will do if they come to power.
  • You must learn how to play safe from the Tamilnadu CM Mr.Karunanidhi. On Thursday he has said that everybody must forget this incident and move on. On Friday he has said that this incident must have political backing. He hasn’t condemned the lawyers for damaging the public property and police for their improper handling of situation. The reasons for that is, if he takes any action against lawyers means he will be stamped that he is against the Srilankan Tamils cause by the opposition. He is not brave enough to arrest them and explain to the people of Tamilnadu and make them understand that on what grounds he has ordered the arrest of lawyers. He hasn’t condemned the police action because he is the minister of police department. If he does that means it’s like accepting his failure. We can’t expect from him this one, who wants to stick to the power at any cost.

          It is a complete law and order breakdown and no party was sorry about what they have done. Everybody was trying to justify their case. If the government is reluctant to take some bold steps against the miscreants keeping the votes in the mind not only these can happen, much worse things will also happen.

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  1. February 23, 2009 9:11 pm

    me the first

    kanagu: 🙂

  2. February 24, 2009 12:41 am

    @ Kanagu : Melodrama. This is what happens when people can not manage their emotions effectively.

    kanagu: It is going beyond that Odzer.. they are becoming a headache for our country 😡

  3. February 24, 2009 2:45 am

    I find the situation so stupid…
    The people who are supposed to uphold the law are breaking it….
    I say dismiss all those idiots

    kanagu: Even everybody who knows what really happened want to dismiss all… but the one in power just like to leave it 😦

  4. February 24, 2009 2:54 am

    Chennai, according to me, was the safest place to live in, but not anymore! I am disturbed at these actions, law makers behave as law breakers !

    kanagu: Still Chennai is safe place except Court and police station… I am sure those goons will fight in the court itself and bring shame to our nation 😦

  5. Solilo permalink
    February 24, 2009 3:34 am

    Mockery of law. How will a common man react to this?

    kanagu: What he can do.. ????

  6. Chirag Chamoli permalink
    February 24, 2009 9:05 am

    Well emotional drama is running hing in Chennai, this will pass. Someone need to die/go to jail.

    kanagu: Who is going to die or go to jail??? nothing will change.. it will just creep up like no other as nobody has understood and accepted their mistake.

  7. February 24, 2009 9:34 am

    God only knows when India as a whole will learn that without being civic we will not be able to evolve!!

    And think of lawyers doing these things what can you expect from general public in our country!! 😦

    kanagu: General public wont do this Sakhi.. because they don’t have protection from bar council associations and all….. these days court is the place I am fearing to go.. lot of wrong things were happening there 😦

  8. Vijay permalink
    February 24, 2009 11:09 am

    I wish 144 is declared in Tamil Nadu. This guy Karunanidhi has absolutely no clue how to control Law and order problem. I have seen it happen so many times in TN during his rule. Even though Jayalalitha is corrupt, there were no major law and order problems in TN.
    In that way, I like her control over the state government machinery. Also there were no pro-LTTE demonstrations as well.
    Wish TN has 2 chief ministers. One to establish the Law and discipline and another to take care of the development. Is it ever going to happen?

    kanagu: If they both join means then they will empty the government treasury.. both of them were not good. Karunanidhi was really bad.. he has not even condemned the attack and threatens them like a child, “I won’t eat, blah, blah”. For what the hell he was still sticking to his post.. I dono. Somebody with fresh thoughts must come to the power

  9. February 25, 2009 3:11 pm

    Sorry for the delay, dude… As u wd ve noticed, I was hosting a debate at my blog. Missed this (in fact, a lot other posts! My debate was a hit! 😛 :D)

    Anyway… Coming to the post, well… The earlier comments summed up my thoughts. MuKa is a big pain in the butt! And JJay is another … … … And MuKa won’t eat? 😆 Thts the funniest thing, ever!

    If u check Jagruti, the recent post mentions how the age factor for politicians mus t be revised. Bring in the young blood!

    I am just praying Singara CHennai doesn’t become Asinga Chennai. Period.


    kanagu: I have seen your post.. and congratulations for that brilliant post 🙂
    He makes to me laugh in a big way… those comedy channels doesn’t make me laugh.. but he has the potential nobody has… he is behaving like a school child instead of CM

  10. February 25, 2009 5:27 pm

    This problem was brewing for some time due to enmity between lawyers and the police because the police often behave inhumanely and lawyers usually oppose it. One section of the lawyers also behave like hooligans. This was brewing for some time…all it needed was a spark…

    kanagu: Yeah.. that enmity is there for years and they have fought like a mobs on that day… shame on them 😦

  11. February 26, 2009 1:43 am

    This happens only in India !!
    well, i dunno much abt Chennai lawyers n police but seems to be the same underlying volcano which exists in all power-hungry echelons of society…n yes Karunanidhi is an old man – so naturally he is acting like a child now!!

    kanagu: 😦

  12. vskesavan permalink
    March 3, 2009 10:07 pm

    Press release sent out yesterday, which media ignored
    The vandalism and carnage inside the Madras High Court by the police on 19th February 2009, has evoked a rather strange and even a shocking response from certain sections, particularly the middle class civil society. More than 150 lawyers , court staff, litigants and the general public have been injured, many of them grievously but they have been at the receiving end of bitter and sometimes even vituperative attacks. The common rhetoric is that the lawyers are lawless, demand impunity and indulge in crass behaviour and hence deserve the “lathi” treatment.
    Just as there is degeneration in all segments of society there is undoubtedly a degeneration in the judicial system – both the Bar and Bench as well. As a nation we are witness to unruly incidents in Legislatures, the cash for votes scam, the nexus between pharmaceutical companies and doctors, the culpability of chartered accountants in the Satyam scam, the bureaucrats who have been part of various scams too numerous to list here, the complicity of high ranking police officials in the Godhra carnage, not to mention the sell out of the media. If the logic applied to lawyers is extended to all the decadent sections of society then each and every member of such sections needs a resounding thrashing including self flagellation by the police. All would agree that this is no solution to solve the ills of our society.
    One of the key issues posed by the lawyers, the High Court and the Supreme Court alike is who authorised the entry of the armed police into the High Court premises. Reports from the media that when a cognizable offence is committed, the police have every right to enter overlooks the fact that more than 500 armed police entered the court campus when lawyers had resumed work on 19.02.2009 and were attending courts peacefully. Constitutional convention based on separation of powers demands that when any offence is reported to have been committed either within the Legislature or the Courts, the executive has to obtain the consent of the Speaker or the Chief Justice, lest there occurs any inroad into the independence of the constitutional authorities. It may be recalled in the recent Law College incident, the excuse for inaction was that they were awaiting the permission of the Principal of the College
    Another argument justifying the police entry is the police station situated within the precincts. The location of a police station in the premises is beside the point. We are concerned here, not with the presence of a station house master and a writer in the High Court premises but the entry of a posse of more than 500 armed police.
    If police can routinely enter court halls it will have very dangerous implications. The Indian Evidence Act provides for client – lawyer confidentiality. Individuals accused of crimes come to court to surrender in order to avoid police custody. Lawyers often file cases which may not always be to the liking of the powers that be. It is the security of the courts which allows for fearless espousal of their client’s cases by lawyers and discharge of their duties by Judges. The legal immunity granted to Judges for acts done in the discharge of their duties will be rendered meaningless if they are in constant fear of police entering Court Halls under the guise of responding to a breach of law and order or pursuit of accused.
    There is criticism about the demand of lawyers calling for the suspension of the Commissioner of Police and the transfer of the DGP, even criticising the Supreme Court of bias in favour of lawyers. This demand is not only perfectly logical but is the general practice followed in all cases where there is enquiry into grave charges. The Commissioner of Police is today clearly in a position not only to tamper with evidence but to also threaten and silence witnesses. The fact that the Tamil Nadu Police did not register an FIR on all the incidents that occurred on 19/02/2009 indicated by the Madras High Court but registered a second FIR against lawyers as accused and forwarded this to the CBI is a clear pointer to the dangers of having the prime accused at the helm of affairs, something that has been noticed by the High Court, Madras and frowned upon in its order dated 2/03/09. Suspension is not a punishment but merely a procedural requirement to facilitate fair enquiry.
    We will be missing the woods for the trees if the incidents of 19th February 2009 are viewed merely as an issue of clash between lawyers and police settling private scores. There was clearly an assault by the State executive on the Judiciary which has shaken public faith in the judicial system. The majesty of law can never be secured if the State is permitted to vandalise the precincts of the courts and threaten judges, lawyers, staff and litigants alike. No provocation can justify such action. Mixing up the issue of lawyers’ boycott to justify the incidents of 19.02.2009 leads directly to undermining the judiciary in the State.

    The Judiciary is the only institution to protect the citizen from state excesses and the state cannot be permitted to silence the judiciary itself. There cannot be a greater indictment of the Executive than the High Court’s order that Courts cannot function because they have been damaged and destroyed. At stake is the independence and authority of the judiciary under the Constitution as protector of the rights of the common person and we lawyers have a public duty to protect this.

    We as concerned lawyers are protesting with grave concerns to avoid any erosion of the independence of Judiciary.


















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