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Most welcoming move

June 30, 2009

Atlast an Indian minister has started to think in the right direction as far as education is concerned. And we must really Mr. Yashpal for coming out with coming off the age things to rejunevate the education system in India which is almost rotten now. Over-emphasis on professional degrees without any worth while jobs for any other degree completing people. We miserably failed in that. But thats a different story, now Mr.Kapil Sibal seems to be wholeheartedly accepted the reformation ideas given by the ‘The Committee to Advise on Renovation and Rejuvenation of Higher Education in India’ headed by 82-year old Mr.Yashpal who proves that age is not a problem to think youthfully. Hats off Sir!!!!!

Some of the important things which are said are:

  1. A common syllabus all over the nation.
  2. No Xth examination
  3. Grades going to replace ranking systems.
  4. FDIs invited in education system.

I may have missed few things here.. for a completed report click here. For a well written summary of the report click here(I strongly recommend this).

Let me see each and every point separately.

1. A common syllabus is a most welcoming one. We have a lot from CBSE, state board, Anglo-Indian to Matriculation(till Xth) which have different lessons and teaching. If state board is favoured in individual states, then CBSE is favored in national institutes like IIT, REC, etc.. So its always better to have a common syallbus and make each and every student equally competitive.

The committee said a plethora of regulatory bodies like UGC, AICTE, NCTE et al be replaced by a seven-member Commission for Higher Education and Research (CHER) under an Act of Parliament.

2. I always hated exams but thats not the only reason I am supporting ‘No Xth exam’. There are other exams like it puts immense pressure on both parents and students to get good marks so that they can choose their course for XI and XII standard. I hope that all the things required(Biology, Computer science, commerce, etc…) are given in equal propotion to students from 6th to 12th standard, so that they will be in a position to choose on their own interest in various courses instead of peer pressure to take some other ones, there by increasing the talent pool in wide range of areas.

3. Grades is always a better to evaluate a pesons position as ranking is confined to even 0.1% of marks and many of the students and parents will be blinded by the first mark and keep on pushing for it. Grade system helps as many students as possible to get the top one and second grade is not as bad to get. When a child says he/she is at 15th rank many will think that they were not studying well… now it eliminates this and allows them to say their grade proudly..

4. FDI Investment in our country for education will improve our schools infrastucture where the basic amenities are missing. All my wish is that all the parents were rushing to make their kid to join in a govt. school in future. When will they go for it??? if it competes with private schools. How can they?? by spending more on infrastructure and quality of teaching. This will give private schools a run for their money and will make them to reduce their fee, thereby quality education at quality price 🙂

Hope this happens… I will be really happy if it gets implemented 😀

Please check the posts put up by Smitha and Sandhyaji, here and here… they have more to say with real life experiences.

Edited to add: This is a scheduled post friends…. but due to some mobile problem I am back to home will return back by tomorrow… so it will take sometime to reply to all your comments… 😐

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  1. June 30, 2009 10:24 pm

    Kanagu, Awesome post!! I was looking for all these points in one place! Great that you have put it up and with the links that you have provided – it’s a one stop place for all information in connection to this.

    kanagu: Thanks Smitha 🙂 I found that article interesting and yours is also really good 🙂

    I will be really happy if this gets implemented too.. Lets just hope that the implementation is just as good as the ideas are!

    kanagu: Let’s hope 🙂

  2. craftyshines permalink
    July 1, 2009 12:09 am


    kanagu: Yes.. you are crafty.. YAY 😀

  3. craftyshines permalink
    July 1, 2009 12:16 am

    kanagu!!! well written and its so so pleasing to be reading this!
    yes, its about time these changes were made, so kids can be kids, and education doesn’t seem like a grueling process…

    kanagu: Thanks Crafty 🙂
    yes changes to be made and kids must be benefited out of it 🙂 they must not found education as a burden 🙂

    i’d been waiting for the rank system to dissolve n thegrade system to replace it….much easier on the nerves…

    kanagu: true Crafty.. it will ease the nerves 🙂

    i am also strongly pro education at a lesser cost! now even the school the child is in has become a status symbol.
    am not sure how much of a change even infrastucture n quality of teaching will make in the ppl’s mindset of government schools

    kanagu: yes crafty.. its really disheartening that some schools asks for 30000 rupees for 2nd or 3rd standard and I am wondering what they are teaching for that money
    *shaking my head*

    it will change crafty.. as it is cheaper and a good word around will make it happen 🙂

    they need to imbibe faith in parents…which looks like a slow process that will need its own time…but education costs getting lesser will be a boon!

    kanagu: True true!!

    very nice post kanagu! i repeat, u totally deserve The Versatile Blogger award u got from IHM!!

    kanagu: Thanks Crafty 🙂 I am really happy 🙂

    HUGS!!!! 😀

    kanagu: Hugs back to you crafty 🙂

  4. July 1, 2009 9:52 am

    I don’t really know this would be the right decision… are we being too lenient with the kids?? The way america has done and now their kids go into stress with whatever little difficulty they get… don’t really think that this is a right choice! But then, I am not an education expert.

    kanagu: I don’t think exams are worth a thing to get the stress… Its not about being lenient but pushing away a thing which is unwanted…
    I think 12th exams are enough decide… no 2 exams and relieving them from some pressure 🙂

  5. July 1, 2009 10:02 am

    I titally agree with you that a common syllabus is required…Also doing away with the 10th exam is a good thing because frankly, they are of no use unless your school doesn’t have plus 2…Grades can only work if there is a common board – otherwise evaluation of candidates can be a problem…

    What about college? Those god forsaken entrance exams will still remain…

    kanagu: Yes Bones.. we need common syllabus else teh grade syatem will be a flawed one..
    But some alternatives will be available bones.. let’s wait ‘n’ see 🙂

  6. July 1, 2009 10:54 am

    Very well written kanagu.Of all those points i liked the removal of class 10th exams.Parents give so much importance for the 10th exam and after the results are out there are many suicide cases.Now that is a big relief for the students and i am very happy for them 🙂

    kanagu: True Saritha 🙂

    And also they stop interviewing students who are getting enrolled for LKG (this mostly seen in pvt schools) and also they should reduce the initial payment of rs.20,000/rs.30,000/-

    kanagu: This always makes me sick 😡 money has to be spent like hell to get education not a good thing 😦

  7. July 1, 2009 11:00 am

    that is good news.. 🙂

    we do need a common syllabus all over India.

    kanagu: 🙂

    no 10th exams.. not too sure about it.. i mean we can have exams without exerting so much pressure on the kids..

    kanagu: Each and every exam is a pressure Oorja… and a public exam means doubling it

    i like the grade system a lot .. now there can be many students who are in the top grade.. and having a mark or two less won’t have that bad effect on their results.. as parents see it with competive eyes… 🙂

    hoping to see India do much better education in coming years…

    kanagu: Me too hoping so 🙂

  8. July 1, 2009 7:28 pm

    You have conveyed the points very well, Kanagu. Grade system at least till 5th std. is best. Then from 6th, the children will get used to the tests and annual exams. Till 11th School Annual exams are more than enough. 12th std. is ideal for Board exams.

    kanagu: Thanks ji.. 🙂
    I think we can carry on with the grade system till 8th or 10th.. then introduce the ranking.. children were best in adopting to situations 🙂

    School text books selection also should be better than what they are now. Point 4 is the best, Kanagu. Very well written post. Let us hope for the best, for the future kids!

    kanagu: If we bring the common syllabus means I think this will be resolved… I think CBSE syllabus is an ideal one…

  9. July 1, 2009 10:53 pm

    I second Sakhi. Somehow doing away with X board and eventually XII doesnt sound as a good idea.

    kanagu: I don’t think so Reema… you are saying that let the Xth exams be a trial run… I have never seen any significance in Xth exams then what the need to pressurize the kids…
    The school exams are enough for them to get practiced 🙂

  10. July 2, 2009 2:57 am

    Everything except doing away with exams is a nice idea. Im not sure how it is going to work out though.

    kanagu: I am sure that it will work well bro 🙂

  11. July 2, 2009 10:55 am

    Not sure how these reforms will work out May be after 5 years we may be able to say better Class tests conducted in a serious and competitive manner may help to fill the void of public exams India has one of the worst literacy rates and school drop out rates in the World Hope the new Minister can do something abt it

    kanagu: Welcome here Charakan 🙂

    True charakan no need for Xth exam and the exams can be conducted in the manner you have said and also make sure that the students were not dropping out 🙂

  12. July 2, 2009 5:11 pm

    No 10th exams is absolute rubbish.. Students take it for granted and when they step into XII std and I think 10th exams which really help them decide how to face the Board.. Because more than X, its XII that decide the future of the student and scrapping X sxams will make them lethargic!!

    kanagu: Karthik, I don’t think Xth exam helps students in preparing them for XIIth exams… it’s just another pressure for them… exams are exams which must not be feared… the way the things are said, exams actually frightens up the kids in the process they lose the love for studies… so getting it away and making them competent with the school exams is enough

  13. July 2, 2009 9:29 pm

    I am not sure if removing 10th board exams will be of much help. What about 11th? And 12th?
    I think an avegare student thinks that his life is doomed if he does not get good marks. If you replace marks by grades, what difference will it make? The struggle still remains, right? If I have a ratio of 200 students/seat, how will removing a 10th board or changing the grading system improve that?

    kanagu: Doing away with Xth exams will help many Amit.. actually exams here frightens the students.. which should be like that

    and the dooming is because that we didn’t created enough jobs for every profession.. IT industry is stagnating so even the high mark scorers will suffer due to lack of jobs.. so I think change is going to happen sooner

  14. July 3, 2009 12:10 pm

    Great post Kanagu (all of your posts on education are passionate and heartfelt) 🙂
    specially thanks for the links to Prof Sharma’s recommendations and also Smitha’s and Sandhya’s posts which I too thought were really good.

    kanagu: Thank you Abhi 🙂

    Prof Yashpal is a very admirable figure. 🙂
    He was also the one who was so concerned about the burden of school bags on children . ( I think he also used to appear on TV in some NCERT prog for children during holidays)

    kanagu: Seems to be so Indyeah.. This is the first time I have seen him and heard him 🙂

    About the 10th boards being scrapped?
    I am unsure about the idea. I want the exams to be scrapped but I am not sure if this is not just a populist measure and whether we are prepared with a better alternate system in place.

    kanagu: I think Indyeah… Xth exams have nothing in purpose… they just help students to get some groups…
    I think if enough job oppurtunities are created means students will be willing to take various subjects instead of blindly going to Computer science or biology

    On another note ….The cabinet has given its approval to making free education a fundamental right.
    So that is a heartening development.

    kanagu: Thats a real good thing Indyeah.. thanks for the link.. I will go through it 🙂

  15. July 4, 2009 1:24 am

    Wonderful post!! I hope they really get implemented!

    kanagu: Thanks Winnie 🙂 me too hope so 🙂

  16. July 12, 2009 2:28 pm


    I’m very sorry to say that this is your first post where I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with your views To tell you the truth, I think Mr. Sibal would do well to just shut up and mind his business of trying to clean up the extremely corrupt, inefficient bureaucratic nonsense that takes place in UGC, AICTE, etc. instead of attempting to take the education system into the sewers! The senile old man Mr. Yashpal Sharma would do well to retire to a corner of the mountains in the Himalayas instead of trying to completely ruin the future of the children and youth of India!

    Kanagu: I accept that Raj.. there are worst kind of corruption prevailing in the education department just like in any other government department and he must take some real steps to curb that. No second opinions on that.

    Now to go on to the specific points:
    1) A common syllabus:
    The most retrogade, worthless and stupid move that one can think of. A common syllabus will turn the future children and youth of the country into literate-but-uneducated, stupid morons. Common sense tells us that education needs to be tailored to the needs of each child. A one-size-fits-all education system is just like toilet paper that comes only in one size.
    Education is not mere literacy – it is much, much more than that! It is the process of learning and training the mind to learn. Education takes place only when the student and the teacher are involved on a one-to-one basis. Anything else is just a lowly teaching shop. Since it is not possible to have one-to-one education due to sheer numbers, we have classes and schools. The beauty lies in giving maximum freedom to the teachers and schools to decide the syllabus for their students. That is real education! Having a bunch of worthless bureaucratic idiots decide the syllabus is like letting a bunch of monkeys train a class of aircraft pilots!
    Tamil Nadu has the best education system, because even within the state, we don’t have a single common syllabus. We have so many different boards – the TN State Board, Matriculation, Anglo-Indian Board, OSLC etc. The stupid idiots in the Karunanidhi government are trying to have a common syllabus for all these boards. It is a highly despicable, retrogade move and it should be scrapped.
    Most of these boards are quite autonomous and let the schools decide the textbooks and subjects they want to teach. In fact, in our school, it was always a group of parents and teachers and student representatives who decided the textbooks! That was the level of freedom we had. We did not merely learn from the textbooks prescribed by a bunch of brainless bureaucratic fools but had our teachers and parents (and student representatives for higher classes) decide on the textbooks. That was what I call education being decided by the teachers, not by a bunch of brainless bureaucratic idiots and corrupt politicians, many of them semi-educated themselves
    In a common syllabus, a bunch of bureacratic fools decide what has to be taught…highly outrageous! A common syllabus will turn India into a land full of literate-but-semi-educated stupid nincompoops in a few generations down the line. There will be no more intellectuals, no more original thinkers, no more responsible citizens, only a bunch of stupid people who have learnt a few stories in teaching shops with a common syllabus prescribed by a bunch of worthless, stupid bureaucratic idiots
    This disgusting move must fail for the sake of the future children and youth of the country!

    Kanagu: I couldn’t get your point Raj… how you are saying State board syllabus is a better one and equal to the one with the Matriculation and CBSE(I don’t know about the Anglo-Indian). Until 10th Standard there will be no labs in State Board and we just need to mug it up to clear the exams and I never find it as a best education system. And also even though the children were studying different kind of syllabuses till the 9th, they start to move to the 4 syllabuses State board, CBSE, Matriculation and Anglo-Indian..
    I am asking why can’t we do that from the start with a bit of practical in the studies. Till 10th I never know what is called a practical education means. With this we can for sure implement it.. And we have to ensure that it is the best available for the Children.. Lets hope for the best Raj 🙂

    2) No 10th examination
    Again a highly stupid, outrageous move! What do they mean by no tenth examination? Will there be no tenth school leaving certificate at all??? Ridiculous!
    As you know, not all kids complete their education till the 12th standard in a poor country like ours due to various factors. By doing away with the 10th examination, we will be turning millions of potential matriculates and graduates into illiterates
    You know that poor village kids, especially girls drop out of school in various classes, none of them for their own fault. Such kids earn the unfortunate tag of “school dropouts” and are forced to do unskilled or semi-skilled jobs because of this. At least the X standard school leaving certificate gave them a deal of respectability as matriculates and they could go on to complete diplomas after finishing 10th standard when their situation allows them to study after dropping out of school. And with a diploma, then could even go on to do professional courses like engineering etc. at a later date as “lateral entry” candidates. Abolishing the 10th standard examination will deprive millions of bright, talented younsters of the earning the respectability as matriculates, diploma holders and graduates and will essentially turn them into “school dropouts” and will have an adverse impact on their self-confidence and employment prospects.
    So essentially, abolishing the tenth examination will turn millions of possible scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers, nurses and other graduates into unfortunate “school dropouts”. After the nauseating common syllabus idea, this is the most stupid idea of the bureacratic fools led by the senile Mr. Yashpal Sharma.

    Kanagu: I have thought about this Raj. But remember Raj, now-a-days parents willing to spend for their kids’ education and also if they know their child gets a meaningful education, only on completing the 12th means, children well get another 2 years of valuable education.
    Another thing, if the SSLC certificate is needed means, we can provide them with that. After all, if the whole India is having a common syllabus it’s not difficult to do, I guess.

    3) Grades going to replace ranking systems
    This is like treating the symptoms instead of curing the disease! Another ridiculous idea.
    The problem is NOT with the ranking system. The problem is the MINDSET of Indian parents and the bureacratic fools who control the education system!
    In India, parents think that getting “good marks” and good ranks” is more important than getting a good, holistic, all-round education. This is one of the main reasons why India remains a Third World country with a HDI ranking of 132 out of 179, being ranked along with countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Oh yes, we have plenty of people who get “good marks” and “good ranks” but we don’t really have too many original thinkers, intellectuals, thought leaders, ethical and humanist thinkers and leaders. After all, according to Indian parents and the stupid bureaucrats, “good marks” and “good ranks” are more important than a “good education”. For a Third World mindset, literacy and marks, grades etc. are more important than education itself
    If the ranking system is gone, “good grades” will become more important than a “good education” and the Third World country with a billion plus population striving to get “good grades” will remain as backward as ever!
    Treating the symptoms does not cure the disease!

    Kanagu: We have do something on that Raj.. I think grades will help us.. as many will get a same grade, this will eventually get rid of the first rank disease in many of the parents… and I am not seeing any other thing that can remove that from the Parent’s mindset.. the other thing which can be done is get rid of the exams.. I think it’s easier said than done..
    And also it brings more harm than good

    4) FDIs invited in education system.
    Where are they to be invited? Into the school education sector? Into higher education? Into university education? Into professional education?
    What is foreign investment going to do? Will the foreign investors go to the villages in backward parts and tribal areas and set up quality schools for those neglected children??? Certainly not!!!
    They will be building glass-and-concrete buildings in the already congested cities, putting up fancy foreign universities names on the front boards, milk hard working middle class parents by promising their sons and daughters a “foreign degree” obtained locally and charge astonomical fees for what turns out to be fairly ordinary teaching shops!
    Instead of the “donations” and “capitation fees” that obtained below the table now, astronomical fees for “foreign degrees” obtained through local teaching shops will become the curse of the education system. I don’t see any benefits at all from this move. It can even make things much worse!

    Kanagu: I believe that FDIs will be helpful in improving the overall infrastructure of the government schools in our country which will be great and this money thirst private schools rule will be over.. the government can give a better pay which will stimulate the teachers to groom the children well…

    The lowly politician that he is, Mr. Sibal does not have the interests of the country or the children or the youth of the country in his mind. He is there to carry out a hidden agenda, one that is enemical to students, teachers and parents and the country itself. It will only benefit the corrupt politicians, filthy bureaucrats under the leadership of the senile Mr. Sharma and the foreign teaching shops and will ruin the future of hundreds of millions of children and youth.

    Kanagu: I never know about the Sibal or his political record.. but this one caught my sttention Raj.. hope all goes well

    May the filthy ideas of this “commission” fail miserably for the benefit of millions of children and youth and India itself!!! I don’t want future generations to be turned into literate but uneducated and semi-educated nincompoops serving as slaves to the interests of the coterie of scum beings planning to take over the world by surreptitious means in the “New World Order”.

    • July 19, 2009 6:22 pm

      I apologize for the late reply Raj.. just wanted to read it completely and understand it fully, before giving the reply.. 🙂

    • July 19, 2009 7:56 pm


      If you apologise for the late reply, then I have to apologise for my late comment as well! 🙂

      kanagu: You never have to Raj 🙂

      1) I NEVER compared different boards or said one was better than the other anywhere in my comment. All I said was CHOICE is very important. Let all the choices be available to the students and let them and their parents decide! Taking away these wonderful choices of boards that have a fair amount of autonomy and making the children study from a common syllabus prescribed by a bunch of moronic politicians and corrupt bureaucrats is attempting to take education into the sewers which is what these lowly political and bureaucratic idiots want. They should fail miserably! A common syllabus is the most FILTHY move that will destroy whatever good is left of the school education system in India.

      kanagu: Parent are as good as the people who are framing syllabus. I don’t think that many have clear view of what their child capable of and also what they love to become… Why every student can have the best education instead of different one which may be lead to question of which one is better..

      2) You seem to think only about middle class parents, Kanagu. Imagine the poor children from villages, especially girls, who drop out of school for no fault of their own! Even with all the incentives (like free noon meals, free books, uniforms and in the case of TN, even free bicycles) the governments provide to poor children from villages, the dropout rate is high 😯 Believe me, abolishing the 10th examinations will literally turn millions of potential professionals and graduates into illiterates in a single stroke! 😡

      Also, a certificate is provided only at the end of a program of studies after evaluating the students by means of examinations. One simply cannot give out 10th certificates without 10th Board examinations. The 10th certificate and examinations have to be retained for the benefit of hundreds of millions of poor children!

      Remember what Gandhi said, “Whenever governments implement a program, they should think whether it will benefit the poorest of the poor first. If not, the plans should be dropped immediately” or something like that. Abolishing the 10th examinations may be beneficial to people like you and me because of the stupid parental and peer pressure that is given to examinations (as opposed to education itself) but it will SEVERELY HARM the poor students! Large numbers will turn into school dropouts without even the respectability of being a matriculate, completely lose the ability to pursue future options like diplomas, degrees etc.

      It will HIT the poor HARD where it HURTS the most – by denying them EDUCATION! Already, due to the curse of the filthy caste system in India, the oppressed and marginalised sections have been deliberately denied education for millenia. This move is nothing but a new form of the filthy caste system, based on the economic status of the parents.

      Like the disgusting common syllabus idea, this idea is designed to wash the education system through the S-bend and into the sewers! May these filthy ideas fail miserably!!!

      kanagu: I know Raj.. there are many poor families in India than our imagination…. but they also want their children to get educated and if we have good government schools means it’s not a big deal..
      then again as I said they must be allowed to get the mark sheet of Xth standard as their SSLC certificate if they want to pursue Diploma 🙂

      3) Kanagu, our school did experiment with the idea of grades instead of marks because of the autonomy given to it (which the notorious politicians and bureaucratic criminals want to take away by suggesting the filthy common syllabus idea). After two years of experimenting with grades, the idea was dropped because it did not do any good at all!

      Giving grades is NOT going to do any good until we are able to change the Third World MINDSET of Indian parents and society as a whole. The MINDSET is the main problem and whether it is grades or marks or ranks, students will CONTINUE to SUFFER.

      kanagu: Then how we are going to change the mindset.. it will never ever change… we have to get to that..
      because I always believe Ranks are one of filthiest thing in the education system 😡

      4) I believe that FDIs will be helpful in improving the overall infrastructure of the government schools. That will remain an unfulfilled dream, my dear friend. Let’s be clear – the foreign investors are out ONLY to make a quick buck by establishing teaching shops that charge astronomical fees. These “foreign investors” must have paid HUGE amounts of bribes to people like Kapil Sibal and Yashpal Sharma to give them a free hand in establishing teaching shops of questionable quality that charge astrononmical fees and without any regulation – I’m absolutely sure of this! If these “investors” are to be allowed in, then they must be FORCED to help improve the infrastructure in government schools, especially in backward villages and tribal areas!

      kanagu: I am afraid about that.. but if it is going to happen we have to see the brighter side…
      corruption will remain in this country until a massive change occurs in our country…

      If the ideas of the so-called commission are analysed carefully, it is designed to benefit ONLY criminal politicians and corrupt bureaucrats and the foreign teaching shops. On the other hand, it will COMPLETELY DESTROY the lives of hundreds of millions of poor students and take the system already filled with problems right into the SEWERS! 😡

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