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Why he did this????

April 28, 2010

Today morning, after taking bath I came out. I missed a call so I called again just to hear one of my friend and colleague passed away, passed himself away. Yes, he suicide himself. It took few minutes to get that as I never seen him sad or cribbing about something. Whenever we pass each other we always say a ‘Hi!!’. There was a never a moment he was in his own world. The reason said for his ______ was love. But I still couldn’t accept his death. He came with us for the trip we went few weeks before. And he is as happy as ever there too. I have seen him last week as enthusiastic as ever. But why??? I am really finding it hard to realize he won’t be there with us anymore. We both were not best of the friends but yet we have had some lunch and dinner together, shared jokes while working and then he is always as jovial as ever. Its a shock when I heard about this.

He may have thought he has done the bravest thing in the life and yes it is. Many of us at some point of our life thought about giving up ourselves. I have also thought about that. But then I am not such a brave person to do that. Why he didn’t even think about his mom and how she will be after seeing this???? Now for the bravest thing he has done, the name he is going to get is coward which won’t suit him at all.

Whatever maybe the reason for which you took this decision, you are wrong friend. I know its late. But couldn’t stop myself from saying that.

And I wish nobody ever takes this decision in life. Life is too short. Don’t make it more shorter.

Rest in Peace!!!!!


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