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This page will contain a short view of the films I am watching over the weekends. They are listed in the order from new to old(in viewing time, latest one at the top).

The Wild Bunch – 1969 – English:

This is a western film set in the border of Texas – Mexico and happens during the period of Mexican Revolution. There is one group led by Pike who are outlaws doing the job for Mapache, a landlord in Mexico. They trade golds for the arms they are about to give them by stealing from Texas government. There is another group led by Thornton to capture them. Thornton was basically an outlaw who has done crimes along with Pike but gets caught. He was let out to catch Pike. So the game begins when Pike team goes on to rob the ammunition from train, with Deke Thornton on their tails and the untrustworthy Mexican landlord what happens then makes for this legendary film. The train robbery is one of the best I have seen.

This film is regarded as the best of the director Sam Peckinpah and also seen as a cult film in Western genre. Surely this one will be lapped up western film lovers and also action-thriller lovers can surely watch this.

Remember the Titans – 2000 – English:

This movie is based on the American football and also true incidents happened in T.C.Williams School by 1971. Blacks and whites are been made to join in the same school and they have to mix up in the Football team too. Herman, a black was handed over the job of head coach for the team and Roach, a white man, head coach of the team last year assisting him. Then its all about how they get along well after little hiccups and go on to clinch the title. If we are looking out for inspiration(which we surely need for many a days) just watch this film. This one has tons of it. I don’t know how well the historical events are captured but it didn’t matter in this feel good film.Acting is too good and I am sure you will find it hard to forget them for atleast 2 days. I loved that sports loving little girl very much. She is so cute.

My long time wish of seeing a film of Denzel Washington is fulfilled by watching this and I will surely watch some more of him in the days to come.

The Cove – 2009 – English:

This is the first documentary film I have ever watched and truly they affects us like no other. This documentary is about the slaughtering of dolphins in Taiji, a place in Japan and what are the things taken by Oceanic Preservation Society(OPS) along with Ric O’barry and few specialists to prevent it. Quite heart-breaking to see how those dolphins are drove to the shore and slaughtered. A MUST WATCH. For now we can visit this page to know more about it.

I will write about on this soon.

Red Rock West – 1993 – English:

The story was set in the town called Red rock where Nicolous Cage goes and asks for a job in a local bar. The bar owner mistakes him as hit man and gives the job of killing his wife. So why he wants to do that and what happened when the real hit-man came and whether Cage killed his wife??? The answer for all these questions were perfectly answered in this thriller drama. The thing I liked about this film is, they didn’t tried to dump everything in a hurried manner but the suspense were broken one by one. Screenplay is so perfect in this film. Cage as always does a class act of a man who was torn down and like to be on the right side. Thriller fans don’t miss it.

The Untouchables – 1987 – English:

The film which is considered to be the best from the legendary director Brian De Palma with heavyweight actors like Sean Connery and Robert De Niro on his side. Kevin Costner is also here but a little known actor when this film is released.

This film is based on the true incidents happened in 1931 in Chicago when drug prohibition was in rule. Al Capone(Robert De Niro) was ruling the drug industry and the police were trying to pin him down. They are appointing Eliot Ness(Costner) to pin him down but the system is so corrupted that he couldn’t believe anyone. He is frustrated but then he meets Malone(Connery) an upright police officer asks for his help and he obliges. They are adding a trainee specialized in shooting to their team and the accountant of the treasury department joins them thus makes the Untouchable them. This film is pure adrenaline rush with lot of moments of WOW. The cinematography is so superb and so did the background score which haunts us from the moment the title card is shown.

Bound – (1996) (English):

This is the debut film of the Wachowski brothers(Matrix creators) as directors and it has their stamp all over the film. A crime thriller with lesbian relationship, its a story of a woman who lives with a member of mafia trying to escape from his grab. Before running off from there, she tries to steal the 2M$ with the company of her girlfriend. Screenplay and editing is top-notch. From the moment the women starts discussing about the stealing, the film just flies. Action and thriller film lovers don’t miss this film.

To know more about the film, you can visit Wiki, IMDB and Rotten tomatoes.


Naanayam – (2010) – Tamil

This is the first tamil film to be based on the bank robbery completely. Ravi was working in a bank in which he designs a safest vault. But Fareed and his team traps him and makes him to work with them to steal the bank. The little cat and mouse game continues till the end and so as the twists. It is said to be based on a lot of English films. But if you haven’t seen any English bank robbery film this will surely keep you interested. Screenplay, editing and camera work were top-notch. Songs in the second half slows down the pace of the film.


El-mariachi – (1992) – Spanish:

An action film made by the debutant director Robert Rodriguez with just 7000$ just like how the recent Paranormal activity is filmed. But here they have used a regular camera. The film is racy enough to make us to sit for 100 minutes. Story is just a case of mistaken identity. But the film has its funny moments also. Worth a watch.


Beauty and the beast – 1991 – English:

As far as I have read many articles and blogs, this is the film which is a benchmark for the animation movies. The quality of this movie is not in the way its animated but the way the story was presented. Surely likable and can be watched any no. of times. I never enjoyed a musical animation feature like this before. A must watch for all.


Tamil Padam – 2010 – Tamil:

The first spoof film in Tamil making fun of all the idiotic traditions and age old customs of Tamil film industry. They have chosen a apt story line too to present it. And I died out laughing while watching this film. The songs were too good. Anybody who knows Tamil and tamil cinema should watch this film not for the benefit of producers but for ourselves as laughing is good for health.


Asal – 2010 – Tamil:

Film from my favorite hero ‘Ajith’ after one year. The story revolves around the family living in France where the tussle happens for the property between brothers. The film is absolutely stylish but lacks content. Ajith does a one-man show and he is screen stealer. His presence elevates this pathetic movie to a average level. To read the complete review of me in Tamil, click here.

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  1. January 26, 2010 8:23 am

    Me first here 😛

    kanagu: Yes.. you are.. 😀 😀

    Like this idea .. easy to check out 🙂

    kanagu: 😀 😀 😀 thank you…

  2. Princess permalink
    February 6, 2010 12:46 pm

    hey friend, you hv given 5 out of 5 to Beauty and the Beast 😀 so kool..
    i love animation movies they are the best of all, hv u watched sinbad? amazing animation, i loved its perfection to tiny details.

    keep reviewing..

    kanagu: I am yet to watch Sindbad.. will watch soon… 🙂 🙂 true.. animation movies are really good.. 🙂 🙂
    have you watched Beauty and the beast???

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